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Writing is wonderful for me.  It takes me away from everything that annoys me.  It relaxes me in a way almost nothing else does.  Yet I find myself being annoyed because I’ll come across a good lead for submitting my work but then I can’t find what I want.  Obviously the creative side is struggling with the logical side of me. 

Yesterday I spent a good portion of the morning wading through piles of paperwork.  How is it that so much paper can be accumulated in so short of a time?  I worked my way through bills, filing, taxes, receipts, and a whole lot of junk.  I handled calls, organizing and sorting.  When it came to the ginormous pile of writing stuff I needed to get organized I felt incapable of tackling it. 

Fortunately my stubborn side (not that I’m admitting to being stubborn) took over.  I looked through my office supplies and found things that would help.  I snitched (with his permission) an organizer from Ken’s side of the desk.  I set up the card table and started the sorting process.  I had no idea it would take so much.

My piles were poetry, projects, research, submission guidelines, rejection notices, and other.  On my daughter’s advice I let go the rejection notices.  They all went into the recycling bin.  Then I started working on sorting the other piles into smaller categories.  I got through the research pile and made a start on the submission guidelines pile.  I also made a list of a few places I had guidelines for but that they were outdated so I needed to go look up the new guidelines. 

That took me till 1 am last night.  This morning I’m up (barely), thinking, and almost ready to tackle these piles again.  I’m hoping to finish them off so I can actually work on writing. 

Lately, I feel like I’ve been lax at submitting things for publication.  I’ve been so focused on books (of which I’m neck deep in three or four of them) that I’ve not been submitting my poetry or articles anywhere.  I need a day where I can focus on that. 

Aside from my writing I still have two other bins on my desk to address – school issues and genealogy.  I’m not touching the genealogy until much later in the weekend but I do need to get the school stuff done.

As always I guess I have lots to do and need to just wade right in…

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