Marketing.  It is the bane of my existence.  I’ve been in writing mode – write, edit, production.  With ten books published, I need to work on marketing.  The problem – I’m not good at promoting myself.
This doesn’t mean I shouldn’t do it.  It means it is a chore.  It is one of the aspects of writing I am not comfortable with.  I do my blog (see I’m blogging) and my website.  I tweet (though does this make any sense?) and I facebook.  It would be nice if my magic genie would come out and take care of all the marketing issues – like convincing people to read my books or having a famous director like Steven Spielberg or Joss Whedon or Ron Howard to pick up my books and say wow this would make a great movie or series. 
Unfortunately, that isn’t likely to happen.  The genie is on strike with the brownies who are supposed to clean my house.  This means I grind through researching and promoting and hope that somewhere along the line something clicks and it creates sales.
I’ve researched romance newsletters and sent off information to them in the hopes it will get my name out there and get Secret Past noticed.  I’ve done the same with science fiction / fantasy newsletters to try to get the Wayfarer and Defender series noticed as well.  I don’t know how successful either will be. 
I’ve tried emailing bookstores announcements on my books.  They haven’t been very responsive – either locally or nationally.  This is probably going to be an ongoing thing which I need to spend some time working on. 
If you have any ideas you want to share on marketing, let me know.  I’m open to most things and will beat up my introverted self to work outside my comfy quiet little hermit cave.  

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