Daniel Peyton

Daniel and I met through social media. Author Bio Daniel enjoys writers' conventions as well as genre conventions. Connecting with avid readers is a joy that he never passes up. He has been invited multiple times to speak at local schools about writing and his work. He has been a featured author for several radio … Continue reading Daniel Peyton

The Brin Archives

Hegira The Brin Archives Book 1 by Jim Cronin Genre: Science Fiction Pinnacle Book Achievement Award Recipient Reader's Favorite 5 Star Book Review Recipient Hungry Monster Book Review 4 Star Recipient His species became extinct decades before the aliens rescued and cloned him, but he still must do everything he can to save them all. … Continue reading The Brin Archives

The New World

A Step Backward The New World Series Book 1 by Andy Skrzynski Genre: SciFi Action Adventure "The New World" book series, by Andy Skrzynski, is a creative, science-fiction adventure depicting the life-and-death struggles on Earth after an apocalyptic period between 2019 and 2025. If you enjoy a thrilling tale full of suspense, action, a touch … Continue reading The New World

King Arthur’s Sister in Washington’s Court

King Arthur's Sister in Washington's Court by Kim Iverson Headlee Genre: SciFi Time Travel Fantasy How sick are you of US politics? How doomed is the world because of who has claimed the Oval Office throne—er, chair? Refresh your spirit by laughing along with what Mark Twain might have written about today’s political falderal. “Solidly … Continue reading King Arthur’s Sister in Washington’s Court

Emanuel Andrei Cosutchi

Emanuel Andrei and I met through social media. Author Bio Emanuel Andrei Cosutchi lives in the European Union, Romania. He has a regular job working as an IT engineer. He writes books in his spare time. His goal is to become a professional writer. His dream is to see at least one of his books … Continue reading Emanuel Andrei Cosutchi

Lost and Found

Lost and Found by Breanna Hayse Genre: SciFi Romance Lance Callahan, MD, is known to his hospital staff as a man with a heart of gold. When a young woman is brought in with a gunshot wound and severe post-traumatic amnesia, Lance is just the man to care for her. No one knows who she … Continue reading Lost and Found

Dawn of the Hunters

Dawn of the Hunters Hunters of Infinity #3 by Ryan Wieser Genre: Space Opera, SciFi Pub Date: 5/7/19 Even the Hunters of Infinity are splintered when faced with the greatest battle in the Daharian galaxy’s history . . . Jessop has proven herself to be an unstoppable force from Aranthol to Azgul, inarguably the fiercest … Continue reading Dawn of the Hunters

Mystical Slayers

Land of the Free Mystical Slayers Book 1 by Michael W. Huard Genre: Dystopian SciFi Fantasy LIVE FREE OR DIE in this Sci-Fi & Fantasy Adventure of a Lifetime! All hope lies with a SISTERHOOD of amazing Martial Arts Masters. It's a 31st Century battle of ROBOTS VS. GIRLS. One thing is for sure; the … Continue reading Mystical Slayers

Dead State Fallout

Dead State: Fallout by Derek Shupert Genre: SciFi, Post-Apocalyptic Thriller When the dead rise, he'll either find his family or end up a ravenous corpse… Fifteen-year-old James would much rather hang with friends than go hunting with his survivalist dad. But the boring weekend trip turns into a living horror when they're attacked by an … Continue reading Dead State Fallout

Taine McKenna Adventures

Into the Mist Taine McKenna Adventures Book 1 by Lee Murray Genre: SciFi Action, Thriller When NZDF Sergeant Taine McKenna and his squad are tasked with escorting a bunch of civilian contractors into Te Urewera National Park, it seems a strange job for the army. Militant Tūhoe separatists are active in the area, and with … Continue reading Taine McKenna Adventures