Sometimes I just want the world to go away and let me be.  When I have a headache it hits me a hundred times harder when I feel this way.  Mostly I want my head to stop hurting so my brain can think and do what it needs to do.

I have a desk full of work and none of it makes sense.  I try to focus on work and it all falls away from me.  I can’t make sense of anything.  It all falls away from me in an unintelligible mess of chaos and confusion.

My mind tries to focus, but it skitters off into a corner quivering and quaking trying to escape the complexity expected of it.  My eyes droop and the thrumming in my head seem to keep time to some raucous band only it can hear.

My head feels heavy, too heavy for my neck to hold it up.  I’m like those water drinking birds that dip into a glass and sit up except I have a hard time keeping my head up.

The clock ticks slowly, ever so slowly towards the end of the day.  Each tick sounds like a bass drum and feels like it lasts a thousand minutes.

The ringing in my ears reverberates off my brain, attempting to jump start it into functioning but it fails, every time.  For my brain is hiding in the corner pulling a blanket around it to stop the light, the sound, any input from getting through. 

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