Never Ever

5 stars – the author made me think twice about 1st person

Let me start this by saying – I’m not a big fan of first person or present tense when it’s done in books. Amelia Oliver pulls it off. This book is a reverse harem romance incorporating myths and alpha type guys and a woman strong enough to take them all. The main female character moves to a seaside city after a bad relationship and the death of her adoptive mom. There she bumps into a man at the train station who she drools over. Then she flirts with the guy at the DIY store who is going to be her co-worker. Leyland, Garrot, and Karl fall hard for Everly a seemingly average human. Without giving too much away – there’s more to Everly than meets the eye. Oliver has created an engaging storyline, filled it with sexy men and a strong woman. Her characters come to life on the page. I did not want to put this down. The sex scenes are steamy. A UK author, I found the differences from typical American slang to UK slang charming and added to the story. Oliver includes humor, sassiness, sexiness and a solid plot. An excellent way to escape.

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