Into the Dark

#1 in new releases in Fantasy Anthologies Release August 10, 2021 – 99c  LIMITED TIME!  Get it before it goes up Travel into the dark and discover over a dozen sexy reverse harem stories twisted with superstitious lore. Hell's Princess cursed into finding her destiny A witch cursed to be mortal. Demons fighting hexes. Vampires … Continue reading Into the Dark

Take a Chance

By Eileen Troemel & Amelia K Oliver Short story available for preorder Kidnapped!  Among a group of humans, Mae must hide her true self in order to avoid a lifetime of horrors.  She must escape from the hyena shifters who plan to sell the humans for hunting.  But how can she overpower a cackle of … Continue reading Take a Chance

Ever Lasting

4 star The amazing conclusion to the Everly Davis Series! Oliver continues her story of Everly Davis. In this installment, Everly is taken to Atlantis where she learns more about her powers and meets her twin brother. Oliver is an expert storyteller and did an excellent job in telling this last installment in the story. … Continue reading Ever Lasting

Four Ever

5 stars Everly Davis is back in the second installment. Oliver has developed Everly to work on finding her strength even as her lovers attempt to protect her. Again - not a fan of first person but Oliver handles it like a pro. The story carries you along with a genuine quality about the relationships … Continue reading Four Ever

Never Ever

5 stars - the author made me think twice about 1st person Let me start this by saying - I'm not a big fan of first person or present tense when it's done in books. Amelia Oliver pulls it off. This book is a reverse harem romance incorporating myths and alpha type guys and a … Continue reading Never Ever

A Star in Their Eyes

A Star in their Eyes by Amelia K. Oliver: Part of the 7 Days Of Romance SeriesWorking in the porn industry, Elliot, Brian and Heath have seen and done it all but it’s all professional.Rachel, the new wardrobe girl, gets up close and personal with these sexy men as she fits their clothes. Secretly, … Continue reading A Star in Their Eyes

Four Ever

Title: Four Ever Book two in the Everly Davis Chronicles Author: Amelia K Oliver Released Date: January 29, 2020 Cover Artist: DAZED Designs Editor: Eileen Troemel Blurb: "Five of us stand between a vengeful God, his monsters and end of the world." As Queen of the seas, the fate of the world now rests upon … Continue reading Four Ever