Of Sound Mind and Someone Else’s Body

Of Sound Mind and Someone Else’s Body
by William Quincy Belle
Genre: SciFi Romantic Comedy
Alan Maitland is a successful businessman on his way up the corporate ladder. Life is good, but life is also full of the unexpected. A scientific experiment goes awry and Alan’s mind is transferred to the body of Hana Toussaint, a high-class escort. Suddenly, he must not only contend with a new identity, but with the eye-opening experience of living as a female: how to walk in high heels without falling; how to put on a bra without dislocating a shoulder; how to deal with makeup without poking out an eye; and how to get along in a society which in many ways is still male-dominated.
When Alan discovers that Hana has taken over his body, the two of them must work together to find the scientist who can reverse the experiment and give them back their respective lives. Along the way, they must cope with living as each other and learn what it’s like to be a member of the opposite sex. And as their adventure goes on, Alan the woman must figure out his growing feelings for Hana the man.
Alan faces the biggest challenge of his life which Hana sums up with one decisive question:
Are you man enough to be a woman?”
William Quincy Belle is just a guy. Nobody famous; nobody rich; just some guy who likes to periodically add his two cents worth with the hope, accounting for inflation, that $0.02 is not over evaluating his contribution. He claims that at the heart of the writing process is some sort of (psychotic) urge to put it down on paper and likes to recite the following, which so far he hasn’t been able to attribute to anyone: “A writer is an egomaniac with low self-esteem.” You will find Mr. Belle’s unbridled stream of consciousness floating around in cyberspace.
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4 thoughts on “Of Sound Mind and Someone Else’s Body

  1. Science Fiction with (gasp) sex!

    Freaky Friday, adult version.

    Modern day issues: the double standard, sexism, misogyny: Men have no idea what women go through in our culture, but what if a man was forced to walk a mile in her shoes, literally?

    This is both a humorous and serious look at gender identity. We would all better understand if we could look at the world through other people’s eyes.

    Thanks for the shout-out.

    All the best to you in your world. 🙂

    1. Hi! I like sex in scifi! One of my favorite types of books to read! This sound funny! Thanks for coming to the Dragon’s Den! Do you have a favorite quote you want to share – from the book or otherwise?

      1. This isn’t from the book, but it is one of my favourite quotes.

        All the best to you in your world. 🙂

        “The greatest thing in life is finding people that turn small moments into great moments. Nothing in life must be eternal only unforgettable.” -Unknown

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