On Track – ish

Back on schedule – sort of – last night I worked on seven small projects and got them done.  I didn’t finish the one project because I want to take the time to lay it out and experiment with the next step.  I want to lay it flat and look it over. 

I also listened to six chapters of my book – Ceremony in Death.  I am enjoying it and actually remember more of this one, including bits of the ending so it is a comfortable read. 

On Goodreads, I’m noticing I have two books I’ve had there a while.  One is Cast in Peril which I’m trying to listen to (Damn Vicki for telling me the next book in the in Death series) and the other is the paranormal romance I have a hard time getting through.  I need to just barrell my way through it and finish it.  I’m disappointed in the author because I feel I can’t finish the over arching story because of the extreme violence she has in the beginning of the story.  I’ll get there eventually.

Tonight will be bill paying, crocheting and then I will either watch some stuff on the PBS station or I will listen to more of my book.  This weekend I want to work on projects but I’ve got a story banging around in my head.  I also have two manuscripts ready for production.  I have a short story I want to finish the edits on so I can submit it to the contest. 

It is also a pay week which means we have to get grocery shopping and other errands done.  One of the things I want to do is get gift bags so I can start packaging up the gifts I’ve been making.  I have to pick up a button to finish one project.  This means a trip to the craft store which I have a number of coupons for and I’d love to spend some time in. 

All these other things means I’m not writing or working on crocheting but they are probably necessary things to get done.  At the very least this weekend will be busy. 

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