The new issue of Circle Magazine is coming out in early December.  I was pleased to note that they are publishing two of my articles.  If you want to read more of my work then go looking for a copy.  Here is there website  It’s nice to have my work in print.  It will be great to see the issue.  Circle does a great job in the Pagan community offering a lot of resources and even going to bat for Pagans.  I’m always please to submit my work there and have them publish it.

They have a call out to authors for articles.  Anyone interested should check it out.  They are fairly stable and consistent with publishing.  Plus it is a good organization to contribute to. 

Today I’m going to work on the writing projects and hope that I can get them to the next stage for publishing.  I worked for three hours last night on editing one manuscript.  I made pretty good progress too.  But when the words on the page are all blurry then it is time to stop and go to bed… 🙂  I’m not sure which project I’ll start with.  Maybe one of the shorter ones so I can feel like I’m getting more done.  I know it all has to be done but when it takes me 3 hours to go through 70 pages and the manuscript is 300 pages it can be a bit disheartening. 

Also it gives me a fresh perspective if I switch off projects.  I don’t get bogged down in the one project and can come back to it with fresh eyes and thoughts. 

It is funny how some people think writing is just a matter of putting pen to paper and saying what you think.  That is of course the first step.  Then you have the editing, editing, editing, editing phase.  Then you have to find a place for your work – so selling it.  If it is a book you also have to do marketing – lots of it because there are a lot of other books out.  They are all vying for people’s attention and you have to find a way for your work to stand out.  It’s a good thing I enjoy the process…

4 thoughts on “Published…

  1. I wish I had the talent to write as you do. Congrats on getting published!! I will see about getting the magazine for sure!

  2. I knew your hard work and dedication would start to pay off! I just looked at the site and this under "Regular Features":

    Rites of Passage: Beginning Crone, by Eileen Troemel

    *does the happy dance* How inspiring!!! Congratulations, sweetie!!! (and sorry I'm so late…)

  3. You are never too late… It is always good to hear from you… Thank you… I'm thrilled and pleased.. It always gives me a boost to my writing confidence when I get published/accepted for publishing. It makes me realize I am a good writing and I do have things people want to hear…

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