Queen of Swords

Christine Cazaly

“It’s our choices that make us what we are.” Mistress Eglion, Seer of Epera.

In Epera, one does not speak of the old gods on pain of death, and officially, magic does not exist. It has become a nation famed for its scholars and its manufactured goods. But the kingdom is on its knees. Crippled by flood and famine, unable to feed its people and at war with its neighbours. Arion, its fearful and pain-wracked king, believes himself cursed by dark magic and blames his queen for her inability to bear an heir to the throne.

Petronella, Queen of Epera, wants nothing more than to do her duty, but after ten years of trying every available remedy, she has run out of ideas. When she learns the price of failure is her life, there is only one possible, unthinkable option left – escape to seek help in the forbidden, magical land of Oceanis – the kingdom upon which her husband has recently declared war.

But the road to beguiling and seductive Oceanis holds many challenges for the bookish and guilt-ridden queen, and Petronella begins to realise that her life up to now was never all it seemed. As the two nations clash, Petronella uncovers the edges of an old and deadly secret, and will soon face a tragic choice that will either save her beloved kingdom, or damn it forever.

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