Rhythm of Life

It occurs to me that I listen to a lot of classical music.  I’ve been teased about it.  In my office, I work with students who are probably thirty years younger than me.  I always tell them they are welcome to put on music they like (within reason for appropriateness for a work setting). 

Almost all of my student workers have told me they like classical music.  This always surprises me that they are interested in this type of music.  I don’t know why, my daughters also like classical music though I don’t believe they listen to it often. 

The rhythm of my days is working for nine hours, listening to all the things I have to at work from faculty requests to students who need assistance to student workers who need help as they learn new tasks.  My day is spent giving to all of these groups and more.  I enjoy my job but at the end of the day, I’m happy to have a change in rhythm.

I go home, talk to my husband, spend an hour or so with him before he goes to bed.  This is a different rhythm.  It is a slower pace, a quieter pace where we focus on each other. 

Then I get my time.  It doesn’t matter if I’m writing or crocheting or what.  This time has a pace all of its own.  The last few nights have all been about listening to an audio book and crocheting.  It is easy, peaceful, rejuvenating.  The flow of my day feeds into the change of pace and change of activity. 

There are smatterings of other things.  I could spend an hour or more talking on the phone with my girls or a friend or some family member.  I could spend the night sitting in the dark thinking (yeah I know this sounds odd but it works for me).  I could spend the night writing battles or love scenes.  All of these have a different rhythm but mostly it is the rhythm that helps me wind down and relax. 

When I listen to classical music, I find it fits in with my mood the best.  It becomes a harmony to the melody of whatever I’m doing.  What I’m doing changes but the basic rhythm is there underneath all the craziness of my life.

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