Two Down

I started listening to Cast in Peril last night and just wasn’t into it.  I changed over to Immortal in Death and was instantly involved and engaged.  At the same time I worked on two of the gifts I need to get done. 

I managed to get the two gifts done.  Tonight will be starting a new gift.  It was fun to listen to a book and crochet.  I enjoyed the time and it passed quickly.  After I was done crocheting, I lay in the dark listening to the story until I forced myself to stop. 

This is one of the reasons I don’t read at night because when I’m involved in a book I don’t want to put the book down.  However, I was good last night and turned the book off around ten.  If this continues to engage me then I see no problem getting gifts done. 

It was this morning before I realized I hadn’t missed writing last night.  I’m working on a story that I’d lost the two scenes on and thought I’d be antsy about not writing but I wasn’t.  I guess that shows how a good story can distract you.

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