Canning, Freezing, & Writing?

It’s been a busy day. Ken and Vicki went to the farmer’s market. They brought back lots of goodies. Ken took a trip on Tuesday to pick up more blueberries and peaches. Ken also picked the produce out of our garden.

This meant today we spent most of the day working in the kitchen. Ken cut up two watermelons and put the squares on cookie sheets to freeze. Once they were frozen, we put them in bags in the freezer.

He also diced up – with the new Ninja chopper – cucumbers to make dill relish. Last time we combined two steps and got SALTY relish. This time we did it the right way and got yummy dill relish. We also pickled onions, sliced cukes, and zucchini. We finely chopped some onions too to make onion relish.

I cut up the tomatoes and onions to make tomato juice. Vicki put it on the stove while we moved on from pickled things to sweet. By the time the tomatoes went through the sieve we had 3 pints of juice.

My sister and I cut up peaches for prep to be frozen. The trays will come out of the freezer tomorrow and the peach halves will go in freezer bags. We also pitted cherries to throw in the freezer.

Vicki picked up one of my favorite – yellow beets! These got boiled and then we peeled and diced (roughly) them. We got 5 pints of them. Vicki pulled more beets – purple this time – from our garden so we’ll have to prep them for canning too.

This is how we spent our day today. It was long and a lot of work. We experimented with a couple of things. We’ll try and see if we will actually eat or have to go back to the drawing board.

We took a break, watched some tv, and then Vicki and Ken went to bed. I worked on whittling down my email from over 500. I’m under 400 right now and hoping I can get rid of many more over the next week.

I talked to a friend tonight for hours. This was my writing time but I’m okay with it. I wrote before and after we spoke. I did pretty good tonight I added about 2000 words tonight. The way it’s going, I see two more chapters. I’m at about 11, 300 words which means I need to wrap it up in under 8,000 words. This might be possible… maybe.

The more I write the more ideas pop into my head. Tomorrow should be a quieter day for me. I have a few tasks on my list but I should have plenty of writing time – I hope. Maybe I’ll be able to sit down and finish it off. But we’ll see if I get sidetracked.

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