Stitched Soul

Soul Series novella

by Cindy Pike

CONTENT WARNING: This book contains graphic and violent scenes, including rape, physical and emotional violence, mentions of suicide, pregnancy loss, and psychological turmoil. Some of the contents are controversial and may or may not reflect my personal views. Please don’t take this warning lightly. The contents are brutal at times. I don’t want anyone to be harmed by the words I’ve written. If you or someone you know needs help, please know you’re worth it!
National Suicide Hotline: 800-273-8255
National Abuse Hotline: 800-799-SAFE

Alone. Tattered. Beaten.
I thought my life ended years ago, when my college boyfriend took something I was never willing to give. A piece of myself I’ll never get back.
I thought I was broken, jaded, and incapable of love.
That all changed when Levi Atticus walks into my life.
He’s everything I never knew I needed, and he doesn’t see me as a crime statistic or a victim. One glance into his eyes, and all of my fear and self-doubt are stripped away.
But how long will he be willing to put up with my baggage? How much can he take until he decides that he can’t love a broken, damaged girl? Will he walk away from me?
Sometimes, I wonder if he’ll be the one capable of stitching up my torn soul.
And other times, I wonder if I’ll need to do that myself.
Will I be able to overcome my trauma and cling to this love I found? Or will my past continue to haunt me and ruin the best thing I ever had?

Author Bio

How to start? Hi, I’m Cindy! I live in Arizona with my wonderful husband, three kids (that I love but sometimes want to give back lol) and cat. I’ve always written stories throughout my life, wishing I could be a published author one day. They say the hardest step is starting, I disagree. For me the hardest step to becoming a published author is believing in myself, and having the courage to follow through.

 I’m an oddball that likes all sorts of things, from singing (I’m not the best, but also not the worst), to the physiology of animals, I love the human mind and am fascinated by how it works. I want to know what motivates people to do the things they do, and why. I can be girly and love doing hair and make up for myself and friends/family (other times I can’t be bothered). I’ve recently taken up henna body art (check out my Instagram to see how bad I am @restlessol) and it helps me zone out and turn off my brain from the thousand and ten things zipping about it. The flip side of those things are I love to camp and am not afraid to get dirty (most bugs don’t freak me out) and love working with horses.

 Being a wife and mother to three rambunctious boys, my life is crazy and often I am known to get between four to six hours of sleep depending on if my baby or book characters decide to keep me up until I get their story down in my computer. Seriously, this is a real thing ask any author, (all the ones I know say the same, not that I know many) they don’t leave us alone (I swear I’m of sound mind, mostly) until their story is told.

 What else? I wish I were funnier but it’s just not in the cards for me (much to my disappointment), so to compensate I surround myself with others that make me laugh, constantly. That’s about it! Thanks for taking the time to at least have selected my book(s) in interest (any interest is good, right?) even if they aren’t for you. Stay true to you and I hope you enjoy my stories as much as I do giving them to you.

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