New Crochet Patterns Published and a Free Short Story

It’s been a busy weekend.  Saturday was errands and shopping.  Sunday was food prep (though there will more of that today).  Today I’ve been working on publishing some of my crochet patterns.  I had lost one of the patterns for my Coverall Bibs and last night I found it!  I had actually hand written it – unusual for me because I normally do them on my phone.

This morning I sat down to my computer and got to work on publishing some of the patterns.  Here’s a run down of them.

Coverall Bibs

Two patterns for large bibs to cover the entire front of a baby or alternatively use as a super cape.

Messy babies need a bib to cover all of their shirt.  These two patterns create a large bib to protect the entire front of baby.  Bonus!  Toddlers can use these as super kid capes! Made with crochet cotton these are easily washed and very durable.  A small project easily made in an evening.
Point of No Return Cap
Need a warm cap?  Two skeins of yarn and a couple hours will net you a lovely cap.
Caron Simply Soft Party is a soft and warm yarn with a bit of sparkle.  Used to create this hat, it creates a lovely and warm hat for any occasion.  This pattern works up quickly allowing you to make a lovely hat in an evening.
Simple Set
Is it cold out?  Here’s a hat and scarf set which works up fast and is soft and beautiful.
Made with a large hook and chunky soft yarn, this hat and scarf set is the perfect pattern for a beginner.  It works up quickly and creates a soft, beautiful scarf and hat.
Links for purchasing will be available on my website
I’m also running a free book on Smashwords.  Use this code to get the short story for free DF76F

Quiet Weekend

Three baby bibs done for my daughter to give to her friend.  One more to go.  After that, I’ve got a list of what I want to work on.  My arm is feeling a little better so hopefully I’ll be able to work on the projects without too much difficulty.

Yesterday I was unproductive.  I watched Foyle’s War (BBC show) and crocheted.  Ken wasn’t feeling well so we didn’t do much of anything other than hang out at home.

This week is looking to be hectic with all the things going on at work.  I’ve been working on a procedures book for the student workers and my position.  I edited my position description.  I’m also working on other projects like budget, advising manual for the faculty and others.  All of this is on top of distributing work to the student workers and tending to the needs of my faculty.

I’m hoping if I get some of the crochet projects which are on my mind done, I’ll be able to go back to writing.  My head seems to get stuck in “I want to work on this” and then nothing else really satisfies me.  I’ve been stuck on the I want to crochet mode but with my arm bugging me, it’s been difficult to get the crocheting done.  I’m hoping today to finish two of the projects before the arm hurts again.  I’ve got three which are nudging me.

I’m working at my desk this morning and I’ll see how much editing and other tasks I get done.  This afternoon I plan to go back to watching Foyle’s War and crocheting.  It will be a quiet Sunday.  Ken will watch football and I’ll do my own thing.  No need to wander out or even get dressed – staying in my jammies today.

I’ve talked to all the girls this weekend.  It’s always nice to hear what they are doing even if it is just stuff around the house.  Vicki called me to talk yesterday between her errands.  I called Virginia and caught her just after she got a haircut.  I talked to Stephanie as she was working around the house.  It was nice to be part of their day and to hear what was going on with them.


I have been crocheting a lot lately mostly because people ask me for stuff and I’m stressed.  Crocheting takes me to a different place.  One of the hardest things when crocheting for others is working with the colors they pick.  I LOVE bright and fun colors.  They are cheerful.  But when someone says can you make me this and make it in colors I don’t necessarily love it is a bit harder for me.  However, I do it because I know that not everyone is like me and loves those brighter colors.  If the colors they pick make them happy that is what I work with. 

Here are a few of my projects:
Bibs for a sweet one year old:

 Boxes for a variety of people:





Makeup pads and bag:

Washcloths / Dishcloths:

These projects have been done over weeks of work.  Some of them will be gifts, some have already been claimed and taken, some I sold – mostly though, they were made with care and helped me destress. All I can hope is when I give them to the people who end up with them – they appreciate the work and care that went into making them.  The next project – well there are so many to choose from.  My biggest question – when is the next yarn sale?