I have been crocheting a lot lately mostly because people ask me for stuff and I’m stressed.  Crocheting takes me to a different place.  One of the hardest things when crocheting for others is working with the colors they pick.  I LOVE bright and fun colors.  They are cheerful.  But when someone says can you make me this and make it in colors I don’t necessarily love it is a bit harder for me.  However, I do it because I know that not everyone is like me and loves those brighter colors.  If the colors they pick make them happy that is what I work with. 

Here are a few of my projects:
Bibs for a sweet one year old:

 Boxes for a variety of people:





Makeup pads and bag:

Washcloths / Dishcloths:

These projects have been done over weeks of work.  Some of them will be gifts, some have already been claimed and taken, some I sold – mostly though, they were made with care and helped me destress. All I can hope is when I give them to the people who end up with them – they appreciate the work and care that went into making them.  The next project – well there are so many to choose from.  My biggest question – when is the next yarn sale? 

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