Kay Wilder

My name is Vanessa Harlow, and I have been kidnapped, drugged, and held against my will. I have no idea if Tanner, Colten, and Nik are out there looking for me, but it wouldn’t matter anyways. Looking out the windows of the old farmhouse I now called home, I knew I wasn’t in New York anymore.

The old rules I used to live by no longer apply. Not when I was living with a psychopathic murderer with a stalking problem. Even if I managed to escape, he would bring me back again. He says he’s changing me. Transforming me into something… darker.

All I have left is a will to survive, even if that means changing the rules.


Kay Wilder

The city’s noise followed me years after I left that godless place. But being in an area without God meant there was just enough pleasure in the chaos to make you forget how terrible it was. Or at least how terrible I should have thought it was. The sounds of the city and all the people in it drowned out my own voice of self-preservation. Up became down. Left became right.

Tops became Bottoms.

It took me a while to truly understand what that meant. My time with them made me question who I was and who I simply thought I was supposed to be. A group of unforgettable men turned my world upside down by pinning me like a butterfly to a board. It’s funny how in life, sometimes the thing you need the most is the one thing that can shatter you from the inside.