Eternal Descendants: Eternal Saga: Spicy Fantasy Romance

Emory Gayle & Anne K Whelan

Finding someone to love her as much as her cat does, shouldn’t be this difficult!
Sarcastic yet sweet Mellie, is cursed in the love department. Struggling to figure out who she is beyond her plant obsession, Mellie fails to maintain any relationship. When a handsome stranger, with an annoying knack for showing up everywhere she goes and ability to go toe-to-toe with her sass, moves in across the hall, even her cat can see Mellie’s in trouble.

A prophecy that kills your love life. Or a love life that could end up killing… well everything and everyone. Take your pick.
Erich, the bookish son of Athena, has sworn to never give his heart away, thanks to the best romance killer of a prophecy the world has known. When Athena asks him for a favor, Erich’s curiosity gets the best of him, and he packs up his books and best friend and goes. Things spin out of control when Erich’s heart is enchanted by the woman who lives across the hall, with her sharp wit, love for plants, and annoying cat.

When the world of myth and magic becomes more than something she read in a book, Mellie discovers she’s more a part of Erich’s world than either of them realized. As they battle both their attraction to each other, and monsters from the underworld, one thing becomes clear – love can either save their lives or destroy them.