For Shame

I watched John Stewart last night and he talked about Pete King from NY who is calling for McCarthy like hearings within the Muslim communities.  This is appalling.  McCarthyism was one of the worst things in our recent history. 

Saying that one group is responsible for the ills of our nation is ridiculous.  It makes them scape goats when in reality it isn’t the Muslims but the extremists in all religions and view points. 

I’ve heard recently about laws being passed to make it legal to kill doctors who perform abortions.  I’ve heard the rhetoric from whichever wing (can never keep the extremists straight) where they are condemning abortion but then also turn around and condemn single mothers. 

Here is my thought on that issue – NO ONE has any right to say what I do with my body and whether I choose to be married or not. 

We need to get out of people’s lives and let them live them.  If they aren’t breaking laws or hurting others then leave them alone. 

If King wants to study the radicalization of anything great – do it in general terms across society – don’t pick on one group.  It didn’t work in WWII with the Japanese.  It didn’t work in the 50s with Communism.  It won’t work now with the Muslims.

It seems some of the political machines forget that we are supposed to be a religiously free country.