Rape and Abortion

Rape is non-consensual sex.  This means if a woman says no or is incapable of choosing (i.e. is too drunk or high) to participate.  It does not matter what the victim was wearing, what the victim’s sexual history is, or if weapons are involved.  Rape is not about sexual pleasure or fulfillment.  It is about … Continue reading Rape and Abortion


I just read a story which moved me to tears and angered me on an issue I'm sure those who know me are starting to roll their eyes at already.  Abortion is one choice a pregnant woman currently has.  There are three choices.  Abortion, adoption, and parenting.  All of these options have pros and cons.  … Continue reading Choice

Political action

I'm very worried that the politicians in office now are going to ruin our economy and society.  I've spent the morning contacting every one I could with the message below.  Here is a web site you can use to find out who represents you:http://www.usa.gov/Contact/Elected.shtmlI wrote the following that I sent to both my senators and … Continue reading Political action

Is the issue abortion or privacy?

Vicki told me about a man who paid for a billboard to demoralize and degrade his ex-girlfriend.  This man who is 35 was dating an 18 year old.  After they broke up she had a miscarriage (according to her).  He posted a billboard showing him with an outline of a baby.  The text of the … Continue reading Is the issue abortion or privacy?

Political Beliefs

I just read an article that expresses how I believe.  It isn't about a party it is about a belief system.  It is about helping those who are unable to help themselves.  It is about empowering as many people as possible.  It is about good education.  It is about everyone - EVERYONE - having equal … Continue reading Political Beliefs

Minority Rules???

Recently I heard that 89% of Americans believe there should be abortion available to women.  I also have heard that 75% (or something like that) of Americans believe Gays should have the right to be married.  If these statistics are actually true, why are these things either being called into question or not allowed?  If … Continue reading Minority Rules???

Fix Wisconsin (and maybe the US too) part 2

On a state level we have to have a balanced budget.  We are not (as a state) allowed to have a deficit.  We need to pay the bills and care for our people.  We need to not punish one group or another.  We need to not be contentious about the hard times we have right … Continue reading Fix Wisconsin (and maybe the US too) part 2

Core Beliefs

With all the posts on politics I've offended some people.  Some of these people were long standing friends.  I'm not sure whether they will continue to be my friend after this bout of political sharing.  In every day life, I'm pretty middle of the road.  I'll vote for the candidate and how he or she … Continue reading Core Beliefs

For Shame

I watched John Stewart last night and he talked about Pete King from NY who is calling for McCarthy like hearings within the Muslim communities.  This is appalling.  McCarthyism was one of the worst things in our recent history.  Saying that one group is responsible for the ills of our nation is ridiculous.  It makes … Continue reading For Shame

Why are females not valued?

Catching up on my DVR last night, I watched parts of the View from this week.  At one point, the women discussed the nun who was excommunicated because she allowed doctors to perform an abortion on a pregnant woman.  The woman would have died if the abortion hadn't been performed.  They brought up all sorts … Continue reading Why are females not valued?