Rape and Abortion

Rape is non-consensual sex.  This means if a woman says no or is incapable of choosing (i.e. is too drunk or high) to participate.  It does not matter what the victim was wearing, what the victim’s sexual history is, or if weapons are involved. 

Rape is not about sexual pleasure or fulfillment.  It is about having the power over the victim, degrading the victim, and subjugating the victim. 

GOP Candidate Akin made a foolish and archaic statement about “legitimate rape” and it shows the attitude the GOP tolerates.  Because they tolerate it, it is my opinion that they endorse this attitude towards women. 

Historically women have been treated as property.  We were traded to pay debt, sold into marriages to further men’s agendas, and we were not educated.  Here in the US we weren’t allowed a say in the political arena until the 20th century.  There still lingers this idea that women don’t know their own minds, bodies, and so on. 

There are places in our world that still hold these horrible and damaging beliefs and the practices that go with it.  Here in the US women need to stand up and say NO.  We have the power to vote.  We should get out and use that power.  We should show we won’t be held prisoner by the minority of men in this country and we will demand our rights. 

Here is the original video for Akin:


Here is a letter in response to his comments:


Here is the president’s response to Akin:


If we want to stop abortions in all except medically necessary cases then we need to be more supportive of the women who are pregnant.  This means safe and affordable birth control and health care.  This means education to dispel the myths and misconceptions so many have.  This means putting a stop to rape and if it does occur make it a harsh punishment rather than a slap on the wrist.  This means making the men as responsible for the child as women are.  This means giving support to the single mothers.  Women need to have the power and control of their lives in order to feel powerful enough to go through with pregnancy.


I just read a story which moved me to tears and angered me on an issue I’m sure those who know me are starting to roll their eyes at already.  Abortion is one choice a pregnant woman currently has.  There are three choices.  Abortion, adoption, and parenting.  All of these options have pros and cons.  All of these options are incredibly difficult. 

The story I just read talked about what happened to a woman who didn’t have a choice.  Not because she wanted to get rid of her fetus but because her fetus – which was supposed to grow into their much wanted and love child – was severely damaged. 

This woman received the worst news possible when she visited her doctor – there was something terribly wrong with their son.  Two doctors confirmed the diagnosis but because they were associated with a Catholic hospital they couldn’t fix it – terminate the pregnancy. 

This woman had to go to a Planned Parenthood to get her abortion in Texas right after they passed a law giving very restrictive rules about what needs to happen when someone seeks an abortion.  Her story is here – grab some tissue and read what she had to endure: 


Here is part of her last paragraph: 

But what good is the view of someone who has never had to make your terrible choice? What good is a law that adds only pain and difficulty to perhaps the most painful and difficult decision a woman can make? Shouldn’t women have a right to protect themselves from strangers’ opinions on their most personal matters? Shouldn’t we have the right not to know?

I want EVERY politician to answer these questions.

Political action

I’m very worried that the politicians in office now are going to ruin our economy and society.  I’ve spent the morning contacting every one I could with the message below. 

Here is a web site you can use to find out who represents you:

I wrote the following that I sent to both my senators and representatives.  I also sent pieces of it to the President and Vice President.  I have no idea if this will do any good.  However, I feel like I should speak out.  I’ll at least have voiced my opinion. 

I urge anyone who feels the same way to do the same.  If you want to copy what I have below – feel free.  If you have additional ideas – add them in and post them here.  Maybe if we all start talking one on one with them – flooding them with our beliefs then they will start to listen and act appropriately.

Here is what I wrote:

This year has been a difficult one for our country.  There is a great deal of divisiveness in our country and especially in politics.  This divisiveness is part of what is hurting our economy.  The public does not trust our politicians to do what is best for the country.
I am a state worker and a union member but I don’t necessarily vote the way my union wants.  I look at each candidate and determine how closely candidates’ beliefs are to my own beliefs.  I look for someone who is willing to do what is right and what the people want rather than what they or their contributors want. 
I realize I’m one voice.  I am one person in a sea of constituents who are diverse and have as many opinions as there are people.  However, I cannot in all good conscious remain silent about what I feel needs to happen to make our country better and stronger.
Business is important to our economy.  Without it we are back to an agrarian society and we have too many people to go back to the family farms.  Business needs to have a level playing field.  However, this does not mean they have a free ride as I feel they are getting.  It means that we make sure there aren’t monopolies and that they are able to do the business they are in – provided it is legal and safe. 
They do not deserve tax breaks so they can billions in profits while the majority of the people cannot make their bills.  We may be a global economy but we certainly aren’t preventing companies from taking their business elsewhere.  It has happened repeatedly and to the detriment of our economy.  American workers are among the best educated and the hardest working.  Yet business doesn’t value that because they have to provide a safe working place, work with unions, and pay a higher wage. 
While it may be cheaper to use Chinese workers, the quality of product is substandard.  The safety of the products is below par as we’ve seen from all the recalls. 
With gas prices hovering between $3 and $4 a gallon, the regular person often has to choose between food and other essentials and the ability to get to work.  I do not work in the same town I live.  I have to drive 19 miles to my work five days a week.  This gets to be costly.  There are not any buses or trains that allow me to commute or I would.  My husband has to commute the same distance.  We cannot afford to upgrade our cars nor can we afford one of the hybrid cars.  Therefore, we are stuck paying the outrageous price for gas while the oil companies make billions in profits each quarter.  This means I have less money to spend on other things. 
Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security have been under threat by political players.  These programs help those who are either unable to work or have worked all their lives and are now in retirement.  My mother is 80 years old.  She was widowed in her 50s.  She’d been a farm wife her entire adult life.  Because of the many factors she sold the farms, file for bankruptcy, and had to start over.  She went back to school, got a degree and started her career.  She worked well into her 70s retiring only a couple of years ago.  She was a Certified Nurse’s Assistant working with Alzheimer patients at a county home and then at a private facility.  She contributed to retirement and social security. 
Her retirement barely covers her expenses and she is already living with one of my sisters.  Now there is a threat that social security won’t be able to be paid out because the politicians can’t seem to grasp a concept that most kindergartners do.  Cooperation is key to solving our problems.  If my mother does not receive her social security, she will not be able to pay her bills.  This means that she and my sister may not be able to stay in the house they are in.  They could lose the house and their financial stability.  They won’t have money for food, electricity, and other essentials.  Will the politicians be going without their paychecks until the budget crisis is over?  If not then I suggest you find a way to keep Social Security payments going out.
As for cutting these services, don’t.  It is wrong.  Most of the people using them have been working their entire lives, paying in to get this benefit.  They are relying on this as their retirement.  If you take it away then they are without a safety net.  Incomes are not such that most people can afford to put away money for retirement and medical care.
Perhaps politicians would understand this better if they had to utilize the same benefits rather than getting a special retirement fund that gives them benefits based on nothing more than being a politician.  Politicians are not above the American public, they are the servants of the American public.  Therefore, they should not have any benefits the American public doesn’t have.
Planned Parenthood, birth control, and abortion are key issues for me.  I’m a woman with three daughters, four sisters, and five nieces on my side of the family and many more on my husband’s side of the family.  Women make up 51% of the population.  Yet we are underrepresented in politics.  As far as I’m concerned, men have no say in what happens to women’s bodies.  It isn’t your body that is wracked with hormones and the severe and drastic changes that occur during a pregnancy.  Women have three choices when it comes to being pregnant.  If the pregnancy is unwanted, none of these choices are easy to follow through with.  No one should have any right to say what happens to a woman’s body except that woman. 
Would I like to see abortion stop?  Yes.  However, that is not likely to happen.  Men do not take responsibility for where their sperm goes (condoms are the best contraceptive yet so few use them) and they also are not stuck with a child they don’t want.  Many men are able to walk away without one ounce of responsibility.  Until men control themselves, women should have the right to an abortion, free birth control, and the privacy to make the decisions needed when pregnant without stigma or recrimination. 
Society penalizes women for being women.  Our wages are still only about 80% of what men make.  Women are typically the ones responsible for most day care, household chores, and family maintenance.  This is just another reason why women should have access to free birth control, abortion and the privacy needed for decisions about her body.
There are several ways to improve the economy without attacking the m idle class, elderly, and poor.  We do need a balanced budget.  We need to live within our means and stop borrowing or living on credit.  This goes for the individual, business and government. 
Here are the ideas I have for improving the economy. 
Sales tax:  Sales tax means someone is buying something and paying the government a portion of it.  If you buy a stick of gum (because that is all you can afford) then you pay less than if you buy a private jet.  Therefore, let’s have a federal sales tax of 1-2% as well as raising the state sales tax by a ½ – 1%.  This will increase funding based on what people can afford. 
Tax breaks for the rich:  There shouldn’t be any.  They make the most money and should pay the most for taxes.  They should contribute to social security based on how much they make not have a flat rate for those who make over a certain amount.  If you make a million dollars a year then you pay into social security a percentage of that million dollars – the full amount.  If you make $30,000 a year, than you pay in the same percentage on your annual wage. 
Regulate the banks and the oil companies.  These groups seem to be out of control.  Every time the price of gas goes up the economy tanks.  So make them ask before they are allowed to raise prices.  It is done with utility companies, it can be done with oil companies.  As well as these regulation let’s get some decent, safe public transportation.  I’d be happy to let someone else do the driving for my commute – if there were a service available.  There isn’t.  I live in a small city and commute to a small town.  Banks seem to think it is ok to set up fees for their customers.  Fees that are complicated and confusing so a person who already barely makes ends meet is hit with fees that they didn’t even know were on their account.  There needs to be more honesty in the banking industry.
At the same time we are working on the economy we need to be looking out for our environment.  We cannot continue the way we are destroying the natural world around us.  We see in the violent weather patterns that Mother Nature is trying to bring herself back into balance.  This may be a natural cycle as some scientists say but I think we brought this cycle around quicker by destroying so much of our natural world. 
If we destroy our world by polluting our air, water, and food supply, how will we live?  We have to make the environment a top priority.  Instead of destroying our natural environment we need to protect it and find safer, healthier ways to live.  There isn’t one answer that is right in this issue.  No one thing will replace our reliance on oil and coal which are the worst polluters.  However, making solar, wind, geothermal and other environment friendly power sources more affordable will allow more people to utilize them.  This means that we are less reliant on these dirty power sources and more reliant on the clean ones. 
These are just a few ideas can help us go from floundering to recovering.  We need to find our feet and stand firm.  To do that we need to work together rather than acting like spoiled children fighting over whose turn it is to be in control. 

Is the issue abortion or privacy?

Vicki told me about a man who paid for a billboard to demoralize and degrade his ex-girlfriend.  This man who is 35 was dating an 18 year old.  After they broke up she had a miscarriage (according to her).  He posted a billboard showing him with an outline of a baby.  The text of the billboard is “This Would Have Been A Picture Of My 2-month Old Baby If The Mother Had Decided To Not KILL Our Child!”
Whether you are for or against abortion, this is a horrendous thing to do to this young woman.  The decision faced by every woman with every pregnancy is difficult, particularly when it is an unplanned pregnancy.  Regardless of whether this woman had a miscarriage or an abortion, her privacy should not be so violated by this man putting it out there. 
He claims he didn’t have her name on the sign but he started an organization using her initials and that was on the billboard.  The town it is posted in is small enough that people KNOW they were dating so could easily identify who he referred to. 
He claims he wants to further the cause of father’s rights.  I say there are ways to do that without destroying someone else. 
To me this is a horrible case of harassment.  He made it known to all what he thought of her which is fine till he starts revealing her personal information.  He couldn’t post her social security number up there or her other medical information.  Why should he be able to post this information? 
I think he should be forced to take the billboard down.  I think he should be forced to compensate her for the harm he’s done to her.  How that can be done I don’t know.  I think he shouldn’t be allowed any kind of contact with her ever again.  Hopefully she can recover from the pain this cruel man has inflicted on her.

Political Beliefs

I just read an article that expresses how I believe.  It isn’t about a party it is about a belief system.  It is about helping those who are unable to help themselves.  It is about empowering as many people as possible.  It is about good education.  It is about everyone – EVERYONE – having equal rights.

I don’t understand how people can look at the bullshit put out by the current Republicans in Wisconsin and think oh hey – this is good for all of Wisconsin.  It baffles me how people think turning down money from the federal government that will create jobs, bring in tourism, and take us forward is bad for Wisconsin. 

How can people think that taking nearly a billion dollars from education is going to improve the educational system?  How is collective bargaining going to balance the budget?  How is removing senior care going to help our society?  How is defunding Planned Parenthood going to improve our standard of living? 

None of these things are going to work or be good for Wisconsin.  We will become one of the WORST states to live in instead of one of the best.  We currently have good schools here.  Do they need help?  YES… where are the innovative ideas?  Well they are sitting on the sidelines because the conservatives don’t like change – unless they propose them. 

How does providing free birth control cause abortions?  Oh yeah – it doesn’t.  It does in fact prevent unwanted pregnancies, which in turn puts a stop to abortions.  This, however, is not really the goal of taking away Planned Parenthood.  It is a matter of trying to keep women in their place by keeping them pregnant and poor. 

In a great number of cases, men – or should I say sperm donors – do not stick around for the rearing of the the child.  They in fact are missing.  Instead of blaming single mothers for everything wrong in our society, perhaps we should be looking at the men in our society.  Why do we accept dead beat dads?  Why do we allow the fathers to walk away from their children?  Please don’t give me that bullshit about men are meant to spread their seed and it being a genetic imperative.  We are allegedly evolved, intelligent humans.  There are things that are supposed to set us apart from the animals like our intelligence. 

Here is a tip to the Pro-Lifers – you want women to stop having abortions.  This is your goal.  Then make it so there is NO stigma to giving a child up for adoption.  Then make it so a woman is not penalized in her work and her PAY because she has to take time to have these babies.  Make sure there is free, safe, and good birth control out there.  Educate EVERYONE about how to prevent pregnancy without expecting them to not have sex.  Really that doesn’t work.  Make the fathers step up and be responsible for their offspring.  Ultimately give the woman back the control of her own body.  In most cases women will choose what is best for them. 

What sparked this rant?  Well here is the link to the article that started it all.  I’m a liberal.  From the looks of former liberals it seems I’m in good company…

Minority Rules???

Recently I heard that 89% of Americans believe there should be abortion available to women.  I also have heard that 75% (or something like that) of Americans believe Gays should have the right to be married.  If these statistics are actually true, why are these things either being called into question or not allowed? 

If the majority of Americans are for these being legal and available, why aren’t they?  Do we allow the noisy minority to rule our lives?  We are a democracy right?  If we are, then shouldn’t the majority rule? 

It saddens me that an entire group of our population cannot participate in marriage.  So long as the two are from the same species (i.e. man and man, man and woman, woman and woman) they should have the same rights and privileges. 

As for the abortion issue, I know the arguments for and against it.  To me it is a matter of choice.  When a woman is pregnant and cannot continue with the pregnancy, she has three choices.  None of these choices is easy or made lightly.  All of these options should be available to her so she can follow through safely.

Yet our society seems to listen to the noisy minority and try to stop both of these from happening.  The minority certainly have the right to protest and voice their opinions but if the majority truly does feel like they are wrong – then it is time for the majority to get off their bums and do something about it.

If you believe in these things, write to your legislators – both on the state and federal level.  Let them know your opinion on keeping abortion available and allowing gays the same rights as the rest of the population.  Speak up, stand up, and be counted to help those who don’t have the same rights and to protect the rights of women. 

Fix Wisconsin (and maybe the US too) part 2

On a state level we have to have a balanced budget.  We are not (as a state) allowed to have a deficit.  We need to pay the bills and care for our people.  We need to not punish one group or another.  We need to not be contentious about the hard times we have right now.  It is time to pull together and work hard to make things work.
On a federal level we don’t have to have a balanced budget.  That is the first change I would make.  Just as the individual cannot spend more than they make, our government needs to not spend more than it makes.
Here are some things to consider if the above doesn’t work to make the budget work.  Let’s look at the taxes that haven’t been raised in say the last five years.  If it hasn’t been raised then it is time to raise them.  I know NO ONE likes to pay more in taxes, however, we aren’t going to have this luxury.
Here’s the thing – taking money away from the poor – not going to fix the problem.  Why not you say?  Well because they are poor and don’t have any money.  Therefore, we can’t get more income from them.  It doesn’t save money to stop paying for preventative care and birth control.  It costs more money in the long run.  Plus the poor have it hard enough.  Let’s not make their lot in life worse.
We need to look at luxury items.  Yes I know the corporations and the rich people are cringing.  Here is the thing – if you have extra, then you need to give back.  Oh don’t worry I don’t think you should give till you are poor – I just think you have the ability to pay more so you should.
We need to encourage employment here.  I don’t know if we are necessarily going to be a manufacturing country anymore but we need to figure out how to keep our people employed.
We need to have a national healthcare plan so that everyone has equal access to care.  This means we need to rein in the insurance and pharmaceutical companies.  They make HUGE profits.  This is at the cost of the individuals who have to pay for all this crap. 
Education needs a revamp.  Teachers who excel at their jobs need to be compensated appropriately.  Those who aren’t good teachers need to be washed out.  Our schools need to step away from you are in grade X and will learn this.  They need to accommodate the students’ level of knowledge.  If a five year old is reading at a twelve year old level – they should be taught at that level.  We need to get our kids an education.  Studies show that more education means less likelihood for a need to rely on aid of any kind.
The society in US is a prude.  There is nothing wrong with sex or the naked body.  Like everything else we need to educate our populace (starting at a young age) that sex is normal and natural.  Virginity isn’t a prize to be clung to like some Victorian spinster.  It is a state of being.  You either have had or haven’t had sex.  Therefore we need to teach our kids how to have save and protected sex.  There are too many dangers in unprotected sex.  Pregnancy is the least of the worries.  There are all sorts of sexually transmitted diseases that will do everything from make you uncomfortable to kill you.  That needs to stop.  Oral sex is still sex and kids need to know that.  We need to teach our kids to respect their bodies and themselves. 
This leads to a woman’s right to control her own body.  Every woman should have the right to say what she wants to happen to her body.  No one – NO ONE – gets to say whether it is the right time for her to have a baby or not.  If she is pregnant and makes the difficult and heart wrenching decision to terminate that pregnancy, that is her choice.  No one – and in particular – no man gets to say she shouldn’t do that.  No I’m not pro-abortion – I’m pro-CHOICE.  That means that I think all the options should be available to women without recriminations for choosing one over another.
We have one planet to live on.  We need to respect our planet and figure out a way to live in harmony with all the creatures here and with the environment.  If we destroy our planet than where are we going to live?  Cut government subsidies to the oil companies unless they are developing other types of energy.  It is clearly obvious that nuclear energy is NOT the way to go.  The question then becomes what is the way to go?
How are we to accomplish all of these changes and adjustments?  Well here is the first steps I can think of:
1.      Meet with respect and an open mind.
2.      Discuss options and ideas
3.      Formulate a plan of action
4.      Execute that action plan
5.      Evaluate that plan on a regular basis
6.      Revise the plan as is needed
7.      Repeat…
There you go in three pages I’ve fixed the government and our society.  I know that people will read this and think – this woman is NUTS.  That’s okay because I probably am.  See I expect my elected representatives to actually do their job and represent ME.  I expect them to listen and hear all sides of an argument before they make a decision. 
Maybe I’m just idealistic in my belief that the founding fathers (there should have been mothers involved too) had it right with government for the people by the people.  I think that if we all pull together and get down to brass tacks we can make our country a better place for everyone to live, work and play. 
Obviously we won’t cure all the ills in one big meeting but let’s at least be open and have the discussions needed to bring our economy and lives back into a balanced place.
Now if you have managed to get to the end of this and still are reading – good for you – let me know what you think.  I’d love to hear others ideas about how to fix these difficult problems.

Core Beliefs

With all the posts on politics I’ve offended some people.  Some of these people were long standing friends.  I’m not sure whether they will continue to be my friend after this bout of political sharing.  In every day life, I’m pretty middle of the road.  I’ll vote for the candidate and how he or she represents themselves.  I don’t consider myself either Democrat or Republican.

One of the friends who disagrees with my point of view told me to explore the different beliefs of the parties and present a more balanced view.  My first thought was – it isn’t supposed to be a balanced view – this is my blog about MY opinions.  However, I like to keep an open mind and I like to listen to a lot of different perspectives.  So I thought I’d start at the heart of the beliefs. 

Here are the core beliefs of the Republican party (http://www.gop.com/index.php/issues/what_we_believe/)

What we believe
We’re fortunate to live in America
You can be what you are, and become what you are capable of becoming
Helping those around you is worthwhile
Small government is a better government for the people
You know what to do with your money better than government
Free markets keep people free
Our Armed Forces defend and protect our democracy
Now to be fair – after each of these statements on the site they have a statement of what this means to the republicans. 
Here are the core beliefs of the Democrats (http://strongdems.com/tag/core-beliefs/)
We stand for:
•Equality for all
•Strong Middle Class Jobs
•Defense of our shores
•Modern Infrastructure
•Economic Stability and Prosperity
•Energy Independence
•Environmental Protection
I look at these two lists and think – were they copying from each other the day they wrote these?  Okay there are a few differences in their wording but let’s look at these lists.
Dems – Liberty, Defense of our shores  Rep – Our Armed Forces defend and protect our democracy :  This seems pretty equal to me – not the same wording but the core ideas are there.
Dems – Community    Rep – Helping those around you is worthwhile :  Here we might be a bit further apart.  The Republicans seem to be saying that it is OK to help others… the Dems seem to be wanting you to be involved in your neighborhood and society – maybe a bit broader point but without further definition it is hard to tell.
Dems – Justice and Equality for all     Rep – You can be what you are, and become what you are capable of becoming:    Dems seem to be spewing words from the constitution – not a bad thing but how are you defining it?  Reps are just vague and here is where I have to say I take SEVERE issue with them.  They have this in their core beliefs but if you are a woman they are going to tell you what to do with your body.  If you are gay or lesbian they are going to prevent you from being married… so maybe they need a codicil on their statement.
Dems – Economic stability and prosperity     Reps – You know what to do with your money better than government:    Reps – have you seriously looked at the bankruptcy rates and the credit card debt – are you sure that Americans have a clue about money?  I think we may need a remedial course in money management all the way around… Dems – true statement and any reasonable person would read this and say “yes I agree” but what do you mean by it, how will you achieve it?  I want more details from you on this…
This leaves four principles for the Dems and three for the Reps which I can’t really match up – perhaps they decided to have things just slightly different so the teacher wouldn’t think they were cheating??? 
The Dems say they want a strong middle class and the Reps say they believe a free market keeps people free.  Economists will tell you that if the middle class is doing well the the economy is doing well.  I believe (not an expert) that most economists agree on this …  
Free market is a whole different thing.  If we look at NAFTA and other free market deals all that really did was allow companies to take jobs out of the US and move it overseas.  Now nearly everything is made overseas where there are little to no workers rights or protections..  Do you know if your clothes were made in a sweat shop?  ABC news did an interesting report where they took everything out of a house that was not made in America.  The house was nearly empty.  They then put back only made in America items.  Overall I believe (didn’t see every report) they found items that were the same cost or less that were made in the US.  The only items they didn’t find to be less expensive were the appliances – only ones still made in US are the top of the line WOLF appliance (made in WI I think).  So why are we buying foreign made goods so much?  Why aren’t we putting our neighbors to work?
The reps also say we are fortunate to live in America – yes we are.  That doesn’t mean that things are perfect here.  They also claim to believe in small government being better for the people.  A principle I agree with.  I don’t want the government regulating my womb.  I don’t want the government telling me who I can marry.  Oh wait the reps do that – maybe someone should show them their core beliefs and explain them to them so they remember that.  (That may have been slightly bitchy or all out bitchy but I’m not apologizing for the republicans)
On the other side of the aisle the dems stand for modern infrastructure, energy independence, and environmental protection.  I’d argue with this but I can’t.  I too believe if we have these things it makes our country better.  Yet I don’t want to go into debt to achieve these things.  If we go into debt though initially will it stimulate the economy enough that more revenues will be generated to cover the debt?  I don’t know – again I”m not an economist. 
Here is my thing – when we are talking about ideals.  I agree with both parties.  I like the principles of each and think they have some great core beliefs.  The problem occurs when they try to implement these beliefs.  There needs to be a strong independent spirit in our politicians.  They have to be above things like their own greed in accumulating power and money for their own aggrandizement.  Unfortunately most politicians aren’t. 
I see these beliefs and I want to weep for joy in the wonderful idealistic tone of them.  Then I look at how they have been applied.  I think at the heart of it our politicians have forgotten they are hired by the people to serve the people.  Few of them are doing a good job.  Sadly it seems to me that recent events have proven that money can buy an election.  Just look at Wisconsin.

For Shame

I watched John Stewart last night and he talked about Pete King from NY who is calling for McCarthy like hearings within the Muslim communities.  This is appalling.  McCarthyism was one of the worst things in our recent history. 

Saying that one group is responsible for the ills of our nation is ridiculous.  It makes them scape goats when in reality it isn’t the Muslims but the extremists in all religions and view points. 

I’ve heard recently about laws being passed to make it legal to kill doctors who perform abortions.  I’ve heard the rhetoric from whichever wing (can never keep the extremists straight) where they are condemning abortion but then also turn around and condemn single mothers. 

Here is my thought on that issue – NO ONE has any right to say what I do with my body and whether I choose to be married or not. 

We need to get out of people’s lives and let them live them.  If they aren’t breaking laws or hurting others then leave them alone. 

If King wants to study the radicalization of anything great – do it in general terms across society – don’t pick on one group.  It didn’t work in WWII with the Japanese.  It didn’t work in the 50s with Communism.  It won’t work now with the Muslims.

It seems some of the political machines forget that we are supposed to be a religiously free country. 

Why are females not valued?

Catching up on my DVR last night, I watched parts of the View from this week.  At one point, the women discussed the nun who was excommunicated because she allowed doctors to perform an abortion on a pregnant woman.  The woman would have died if the abortion hadn’t been performed.  They brought up all sorts of other details like this woman also had four other children at home and other things.  The women were outraged that this nun was excommunicated – as am I.  She did what was right.  It isn’t like the fetus at 11 weeks could survive without the mother.  So they couldn’t do a C section to deliver it.  If the woman had died trying to complete the pregnancy, the baby would have died. 

I understand the Catholic beliefs that life begins at conception.  I understand why they don’t think abortion is good.  Really does anyone?  However, in this particular circumstance abortion may have stopped a pregnancy but it also saved a life.  No one mentioned the hell the mother must be going through.  First she isn’t able to carry a child she must have wanted (I’m assuming here) to term.  So she is grieving the loss while at the same time being grateful to be alive (talk about conflict).  Then the Catholic church (some bishop – a man) turns around and punishes the nun who helped to save her life.  In essence, the Catholic church is saying it was wrong to save this woman’s life. 

I could rant for paragraphs about how I feel about this.  However, I want to go back to the fact that the View discussed this topic one day.  Apparently overnight they received numerous emails, most of which started with I don’t watch your program… well if you aren’t watching what do you care?  There was an email from a gentleman who called the women of the View not good Catholics because they criticized the church.

If the church can’t stand up to a few women criticizing it then perhaps it shouldn’t be in business.  On top of which isn’t it the duty of the membership to keep the organization honest and fair?  The women of the View asked why this nun (a woman) got excommunicated when the priests (men) who abused all the children didn’t?  This is a severe double standard.  I understand that the nun “broke” the rules in the eyes of the church.  Didn’t those men?  Why implement a harsh punishment against her when you didn’t against the men? 

I’m not Catholic.  I think Catholicism is out of date and out of touch with the reality of our current society.  I think the Catholic church is a bunch of old white guys who are trying to desperately hold on to power they don’t have any right to.  They are the worst case of good old boys society.  This is why I’m not Catholic – well and a whole bunch of other reasons.  However, when they apply their own rules and standards so unequally I question why anyone remains in this religion.  The women from the View didn’t hurt the image of the Catholic church.  The Catholic church hurt its own image.