Sunshine and Flowers

Saturday I spent an hour or so wandering around Olbrich Gardens in Madison.  It was a lovely experience being outside, watching the birds, looking at the trees, flowers, and water.  It reminded me how much I enjoy being in nature. 

Sunday Vicki grilled out.  I was supposed to be editing but I went on the deck and talked to her while she grilled.  I love our deck.  I love the weather where it’s warm but not smothering and sunny without blinding.  We had lunch on the deck and then sat around talking. 

The connection to the outdoors is vital for me.  It helps balance me out.  I love most weather – especially if I don’t have to drive in it.  I rarely complain about the weather and it annoys me when other people do. 

There’s something about spending even a short time outside which settles me.  Is it a throwback to my childhood on the family farm or something more primal?  I’m not sure the answer to that matters to me. 

Last night I finished the latest pass going through Wayfarer Resolve (#18).  I know I’ll be doing another paper edit on this one so will work on getting searches done and getting prepped for the edit.  Once I got through this pass, I opened up the five stories which have been pushing at me.  I worked on two of them.  By the time I was done it was 10:30 so I opted to stop writing and prep for bed.  I was reading a book and had four chapters left.  I finished that and started another book which I read two chapters. 

This sounds like typical stuff for me but I felt more energized while I did all of this because I’d had some time outside.  The time wandering the garden and sitting on the deck helped to clear my mind and fill up some reserve I needed. 

With my mobility issues, I’ve been feeling like I can’t do as much outside.  It feels limiting which is never easy to accept.  Going to the gardens and even the deck time reminded me there are alternatives to hiking through my favorite county or state park.  It reminded me I can still have the connection and the pleasure being outside brings to me.

It’s Here!

Yesterday my scooter arrived!!!  I took the day off to make sure I was there to sign for it.  It came midday and the guy didn’t make me sign for it.

I’m so happy to have this.  Now I have to figure out how I’m getting it in and out of my car so I don’t end up with sore body parts, dirty clothes, or damaged car.

It folds differently from my previous scooter so I can’t slide it in like I did the old one.  I’m going to look for options at some point this weekend.

This means I can go places and not feel like a complete burden.  I’ll be able to get around and it will be better than before because my old scooter was sporadic at best towards the end.  I have independence and confidence in being able to get around and do things.  I don’t have to feel as anxious about going to new places or being left out of things because I’m concerned I won’t be able to get around.  My new scooter means I am able to get around any store – maybe even multiple stores!

The struggle with the insurance and the process to get the new scooter was difficult.  I’m glad it’s over and I can put it all behind me.

I’m actually looking forward to doing errands this weekend.  I have two stores I need to go to and I should be able to get around and do the stores without a problem.  I should be able to take care of the things I need without there being any issue.  I’m almost excited to shop – and I don’t like shopping.