Crochet Addiction

I’m going to visit Vicki for a week.  Ostensibly it is to help her with her shoulder – make sure she gets the Tiger Balm on it and isn’t doing too much with it.  However, that is not the only thing I will be doing while I’m gone. 

Our week is going to consist of a lot of me nagging her to stop doing stuff, watching movies or tv shows, and for me crocheting.  I’ve started organizing what I will be taking and realized my crocheting will take up more space (i.e. a bigger suitcase) than my clothes. 

In my defense, we aren’t doing anything other than hanging out in her apartment so I have to make sure I have enough to keep me busy.  Plus I have to take stuff to do when we hang out with her friend who is coming over to craft with us.  Plus I have to have contingency projects in case I get bored with what I am currently working on or if I finish them all.  The hard part will be in narrowing down on the things I have going on in my head for projects.  I have definite ones I’m working on with deadlines but after that I have things I want to experiment with.  For these, it is a difficult question of how much to take.  When I’m at home, it is easy enough to just grab what I want but with going to Vicki’s how much of these possible projects do I want to commit to taking with me and how much space will I have for these types of things.

My daughter suggested I make a to-do list – something I’ve been avoiding because I seem to have an addiction to those as well.  I’ve started one – a bit detailed as is my usual obsession with them.  It is a spreadsheet with different columns for the different parts of each project. 

I’ve got plastic bags with zippers from sheet sets and comforters that I’m using to pack projects together.  This is great for keeping everything organized and preventing damages from occuring while I’m traveling.  I really like these and when I return I may use them for storage in my craft room as well.  When I finish the projects, I’ll be able to put them back in the bags to keep everything organized.  Does this sound obsessive? 

On top of my crochet projects, my daughter wants me to bring down my stuff for the quilts I make for the girls.  Don’t get excited – I’m not a quilter.  Essentially I take large sheets and pin them with batting and then sew them together.  I use yarn to tie them.  I made each of the girls one when they were little and I’ve told all three of them it is time to get rid of them.  They refuse until I replace them.  I’ve had the material for a long while now but can’t kneel on the floor to pin them together.  Vicki says she will do it for me.  This may require a third suitcase. 

People are going to think I’m moving in for a month when I show up at her place.  The good thing about this is everything will be on wheels so should be easy to get in and out of her apartment.  I may have a bit of an addiction when it comes to crafting and crocheting.