Overseer’s Fierce Mate

by Sammi Mason

A cat shifter with a grueling search. An Overseer healing from his past. A malevolently arcane magic primed to destroy their love.

I-Do is swamped by guilt. She’s spent twenty years battling to fix her failure, not even being turned into a Vampire-shifter deterred her. But when her hotter-than-sin booty call claims she’s his mate, he threatens to undo her hard-fought repentance.

Hudson is a man on a mission. The jaguar shifter’s dedication as an Overseer helped him recover from abduction and torture. But he never imagined he’d go from passionate hook-up to a mate bond that could kill him.

When I-Do relents and accepts Hudson’s help, she vows to keep their relationship professional. Hudson cannot resist the woman who sets his body alight but needs to convince her they have a future. Even though she doesn’t see one for herself. When the evil I-Do has been hunting finds them, can they and their love survive?

Overseers Fierce Mateis the steamy second novel in the Vampire Guardians Noble paranormal romance series.

If you like booty call to forever romance, hot heroes, and iron-willed heroines, you’ll love Sammi Mason’s spicy tale. Grab your copy of Overseer’s Fierce Mate to find a love worth risking everything for.

Tiger Dragon Forbidden Mate

by Sammi Mason

A woman rejected. A vampire-dragon on the verge of losing everything. A veiled past to destroy their mate bond.

Lacey is devoted to her young son. Deserted at birth, she knows she is an unwanted throwaway who can only depend on herself. She believed her best friend’s big brother saw her as more, but her heart was shattered and spirit crushed when he ordered her to stay away.

Tank’s life has been shot to hell for the second time. Just a few weeks ago, he was turned into an alpha vampire, with an inner dragon. Now the woman who threw his soul into disarray years before, is back and her potently captivating charm calls to him more than ever.

When Lacey’s clandestine heritage screeches into her present, she is thrown at the mercy of the man who has grown even more intimidating. When danger erupts, Tank has to act fast and prove that Lacey can trust him. Can Tank be the man his mate needs and earn her love?

Tiger-Dragon’s Forbidden Mate is the fiery first novel in the Vampire Guardians Noble Vampire-Shifter romance series.

If you like fated mates romance, smoking hot, vampire-dragon heroes, and strong heroines, you’ll love Sammi Mason’s intense tale. Grab your copy of Tiger-Dragon’s Forbidden Mate to find a love nothing can incinerate.