Sexy Sinivites – Captain’s Companion

Captain's Companion - book 2 Ava M Taylor Ulrik has met his mate! He hires Gwyn Meinen as his companion. Now he has three months to persuade her they have more than a business contract. Gwyn is all business. She was hired to satisfy all the needs of Captain Ulrik Tonason. To protect her heart, … Continue reading Sexy Sinivites – Captain’s Companion

Sexy Sinivites – Prospecting

Prospecting - book 1 Ava M Taylor No more sex bots for Cade.  As the top prospector, he negotiates a live sex companion to be part of his next contract.  Cade get his sex companion and a whole lot more.  Sheridan considers herself a sex toy.  She's committed to a five your contract which means … Continue reading Sexy Sinivites – Prospecting