Moments in Nature in Paperback!

My first poetry book is now available in paperback.  I’m very excited about this one because it is an expression of how nature affects me on a deeper level.

Nature inspires me.  I watch it wash over all of us and how we all react to it.  It doesn’t matter whether it is the season or the daily weather.  It affects people’s moods and attitude towards everything.  It is awe inspiring and moves me regularly to put into words the affect it has on me.

In reading my poetry, you will find some rhyming poems but not too often.  Generally they are more free form and less structured.  I do like Haiku format which there are a few in this book.  Haiku is an ironic poem with a set format.  They are fun – at least I think so.

The cover for this book was shot by Suzanne Inez Jaillet-Isham.  It is from one of her hiking trips down into the Grand Canyon.  When she shares her photography, I get to go to places I wouldn’t normally be able to go.  I truly appreciate her skills as a photographer.  More of her work is on display on YouTube, just search for LilyAZ to see more of her work.

This book is available at:

Update on Eczema and Writing – odd combination but hey that is how it goes sometimes…

It has been about 6 – 8 months since I started using Vicki’s homemade goodies.  My hair is fabulous.  I don’t have to use conditioner anymore.  My legs are almost healed; I have some scarring on the one leg that is fading and one spot on my other leg lingering.  I’ve started using deodorant for the first time in a long time.  It is amazing that I can wear this and no red itchy junk – just clean smelling. 
We are working on building a business for these items.  We’ve started a blog and will have pages with product description up soon.  It is small still – very small.  We are developing a flyer and other marketing tools.  If you are interested in the products email Vicki at
My romance novel did not make it to the next round.  This just means I have to work on self-publishing it this summer.  School is done mid – to end of May so after that I will focus on getting this prepped for self-publishing. 
Good news though – one of my poems will be in the Muse this spring.  I’m looking forward to the reading on May 2 though I’m a bit nervous about reading the poem to a large group of people. 
I’ve also been submitting some of my work to different publications (not too many as I’ve been so busy) and time will tell on these.  I wrote one grant, which I will hear about end of the year and I’m planning to write another that is due in June (I think). 
Finally – after being AWOL from my email for several days I was wandering through and discovered this bit of good news.  My poem that was printed by CC&D Wild Places was read at a poetry reading in Chicago and there is a youtube video of it.  Check it out!