The Quiet Life

Ken and I lead a quiet life.  We go to work.  We come home and are home bodies.  He does stuff around the house.  I write and crochet.  Rarely do we go out to socialize.

Yesterday my boss had a holiday party at his house.  It was fun to get together with the people in our department, see their spouses, and be outside the work setting.

Normally when it comes to large gatherings I get anxious.  I am almost always nervous and cranky because of the nerves.  Even though there were a lot of people, I didn’t feel that way ahead of time.  It was just nice.  I sat and spoke with people as they rotated around me.  I got snippets of conversations from all sorts of people.  I stepped outside my comfort zone and had a good time.

While I enjoyed myself, I still prefer our quiet life.  Yesterday morning we spent running errands, helping my mom with legal documents, and getting ready for the party.  This morning we ran more errands and got gas in my car.  My plan for the day is to take it easy.  I may crochet or read or edit or write.  I haven’t quite decided yet.

It was a rough night last night for me with lots of pain and restlessness because of it so I’m feeling a little lethargic today.  Ken will watch football.  I will be a bit putzy.  We are back to our quiet life.

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