Six Days…

Last Friday I worked on changes for the fourth Wayfarer novel and came up with a splendid opening for the fifth book. 

Over the last six days, I’ve been busy.  Monday I had 22,000 words in the fifth novel.  This was not my intention, though it was certainly a nice surprise.  There are times when I’m writing that I know the story is going really well.  I can’t get the words out fast enough and as I’m writing I know that every step I take is the right one.  That’s how this one went.  Four I struggled a little in places, rewrote some scenes, added in to the rough draft, but this one…. this one was a dream.  There were nights I was mad because I had to go to sleep in order to get up for my day job.

Last night I spend an hour putzing because I was trying to think how I wanted to do a scene.  I was annoyed with myself because I had written myself into this scene and there was no way around it.  It was supposed to be the culmination of a plot from multiple books. 

I did wha tI normally do when I’m feeling grumbly about a scene.  I called one of my daughters.  I rambled around the topic and the options and eventually decided on a method for handling the scene.  Since I finished writing it at 12:30 last night, I don’t know how well it worked.  My test readers have it and will tell me if I need to change it.  I’ll read it and decide if I need to change it. 

There is one scene after, maybe two little scenes, in which the two main characters are together.  I went for a little funny, a little romantic, and hope that it worked well. 

Now all my test readers – I’m working on a different series for the next month.  No nagging for the sixth Wayfarer.  It isn’t even in my head …. yet….

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