Wastral for a Day

Saturday was busy with tasks and a nap.  Sunday, I was a wastral.  I did next to nothing and didn’t really care that I accomplished nothing.

In the morning, Ken and I went to the new and bigger Aldi’s grocery store.  We had a coupon and needed several items so went to shop.  He put gas in my car and we came home.  From that point on, I did nothing.

I watched Bomb Girls which is an interesting show about women who worked in the bomb building factory in the 1940s.  Vicki has been trying to get me to watch this one and I was tired with absolutely no ambition.  I watched while Ken did the football thing.  I’m pretty sure he put stuff away too. 

I have crochet projects.  I had every intention of crocheting but the hook seemed too heavy and the patterns too complicated.  I could have read a book but my kindle was too heavy to hold up. 

I curled up under the blanket and watched the show.  I didn’t think I was all that invested in them.  They are good but not great.  I planned to go to bed early because I had a bad night on Saturday night (lots of pain and didn’t sleep much).  When it got to be 9:00 ish, I ended up saying I can’t stop here.  I have to watch one more.  I did watch just one more. 

The show was interesting.  I was a little turned off by the one scene early in the epsiodes where a woman is scalped by the assembly line (her hair gets caught in a moving hook) but I generally don’t like gore. 

At one point, I worked on the checkbook – writing in the grocery and gas costs.  I made a point of grabbing my orange pen to do editing.  The pen got really heavy between the office and the living room.

I curled up, watched the show and spent the day as a wastral. 

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