With Ken gone, I had a couple days to myself at home.  I enjoyed the time on my own.  At one point I realized nothing had been said.  I was playing a game and cursed the game out loud.  It startled me which also made me laugh. I've finished the projects for my sister and … Continue reading Next


Finished a number of gifts last night.  This morning Ken helped me get them packaged up for distribution.  I have two more to finish by Friday and then two more to finish the following week.  Then I'll be moving on to clearing up some of the other crochet projects on my list including some for … Continue reading Updates

Two Down

I started listening to Cast in Peril last night and just wasn't into it.  I changed over to Immortal in Death and was instantly involved and engaged.  At the same time I worked on two of the gifts I need to get done.  I managed to get the two gifts done.  Tonight will be starting … Continue reading Two Down

Asking for Money?

If you are calling me to ask for money, you should at the very least have all your information together.  I got a call from a university to make a donation.  I told the person three times I had no funds for donating.  She said they weren’t asking for a donation but a gift.  If … Continue reading Asking for Money?

Four More Days

I have four work days, one final exam, and a lot to get done this week.  Then I’m on vacation.  I cannot wait.  It has been a busy hectic weekend.  Our friend came over and we celebrated Christmas with the girls in Georgia via video chat.  It was fun if a bit awkward.  I need … Continue reading Four More Days

Back to Work

It's time to go back to work.  Normally I'm a bit cranky in the morning (okay more than a bit).  This morning though I am feeling pretty darn good.  The weekend was very productive.  I got a lot of stuff done.  My to do list got a lot of stuff crossed off.  From the crocheting … Continue reading Back to Work