Wayfarer Home and other news

Wayfarer Home is now available on Amazon and Smashwords.  This is the next installment of Adara and Decker’s story.  Here is a brief synopsis of the story:

Building a new society, Adara struggles with all the responsibilities on her shoulders.  An uncomfortable ship, seven months pregnant and a saboteur create an intolerable situation.  Teamwork and drawing on all resources, including the children, helps get all the tasks done and sets a precedent on how they move forward as they travel to their new home.
I’m excited for this to be published.  I love the new step the story has taken and am excited for the next book.  Wayfarer War is next and should be out in March or April.  
In addition to publishing this, I’ve been crocheting a lot.  I don’t know if the crochet did it but I’ve on the bench when it comes to crocheting right now.  I’ve been working on thread projects which have always been tough for me and two days ago I realized my middle finger on my right hand (the one that holds the teeny tiny hook) has swollen.  I can’t get my ring on it and it hurts to bend it.  This means crocheting is on hold.  I’m annoyed with this because I have several projects I’m trying to get done for my daughters.
On the plus side, I’ve made my first doily with no pattern.  I really enjoyed working it up.  I’ve always thought doing this would be a numbers thing but I’m going on purely design rather than numbers.  I won’t be publishing this one – maybe.  It’s gorgeous but I haven’t written down any of the rounds.  
I do have two new patterns I am working on to publish.  I hope to get those ready soon, maybe a week or two.  One is a lovely warm winter scarf and one is a hat, scarf, wristers set.  Next will be a blanket which I’m working on – or was until my hand became an issue.  I’ll rest it but it is going to be hard.  Yesterday Vicki was knitting and I was just sitting there.  I found myself very impatient and annoyed and realized it was because I couldn’t crochet.   

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