Weekend of work…

After a weekend of editing, rewriting, and reviewing, I’ve managed to get about 100 pages edited.  I’m not surprised because I made some pretty big changes to the beginning of the novel.  Now it’s going quicker but I know there are several sections coming up that I’ll be making more big changes to.  Hopefully one more weekend of editing (or maybe several long nights) and I’ll have it done.  Then I have to get the edits into the computer and investigate more on publishing it on Kindle. 

I’ve not read this novel in over five or six years.  I’ve tried to market and sell it but it has been no go.  In re-reading it, I think it is a good story.  It moves along at a good pace.  It keeps the reader involved – at least I think so. 

The changes I’ve made this weekend were definitely needed.  They make the story more believable and realistic.  Revisiting it like this has helped me be objective and see the changes needed to update the story and improve the entire manuscript.  It isn’t a matter of putting commas in the right place or fixing the typographical errors but of refining the story.  It is work – a lot of it – but I’m glad I’m doing it.

It is hard to be objective about my own work.  I read it and I see the flaws.  I’m also my own toughest critic.  But in reading this again, I find a good story.  I’m pleased with my work and how it’s turned out.  This was my first full length novel and I think I did a good job.  Now I have to see if others agree…

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