When the White Knight Falls

Author Bio

Virginia Wallace is a native of the Chesapeake Bay region on the Southeast coast of the United States. Nomadic by nature, Virginia has lived all over, from the mountains of New England to the rolling hills of the American Heartland.

She began her creative career during her late teens and early twenties, working as a freelance portrait and commercial artist. She slowly transitioned into writing, eventually self-publishing three novels for the ‘indie’ book market.

As a writer, Virginia Wallace has always worked at meshing modern stories with a lush style reminiscent of 19th Century American and European literature. When the White Knight Falls marks her debut into the mainstream book market.


The lovely and talented Kate McCoy once thought that her future was predictable, and secure.  Classical music was her passion, and she was inarguably the mistress of her craft.

Then she met Alec Murdenson…

Alec knows nothing of orchestras; he’s a rocker, through and through. The ferocity of his music seems out of place when viewed alongside his easy smile, and his sense of humor… not to mention his handsome face, and striking green eyes.

But there is something else lurking behind his riveting gaze, an entity that is both Alec and yet not Alec at all. That phantasm is more than a little disturbing; perhaps it is even a cold-blooded monster.

As Kate becomes tangled within Alec’s web, she is forced to re-think everything she once thought she knew. In so doing, she must make a horrific choice: Either run for the hills…

Or embrace a man who understands human depravity better than she ever could.

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5 thoughts on “When the White Knight Falls

  1. Great blog Eileen and Virginia.
    I’m halfway through “When the White Knight Falls” and I’ve come to a spot in the story where I want to ask Kate, “Are you crazy? What were you thinking?” I can’t wait to find out the answer to my questions. Wonderful read.

  2. I really enjoyed this story, it was one of those books I found I could not put down. It was a little dark in places, but I think that is the charm of Virginia’s writing… A Great blog Eileen and Virginia.

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