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One of my biggest frustrations with writing is trying to cover all my bases.  I need to write to produce things for publishing.  At the same time I need to submit articles, stories, poems, etc to be able to get published.  Somehow I have to keep track of all of these things.  Then there is tracking leads, what has been submitted where and when, and follow up.  Oh and let’s not forget about deadlines… don’t want to miss them or be habitually late with meeting them or editors will stop using your work.

I’m attempting to use technology to my advantage here.  I’ve started a spreadsheet to track all my work.  Next will be one to track the characters in each story – though someone offered to make me a database for that.  I’ve spent a lot of time entering information on my spreadsheet and gathering more information to enter. 

I need a secretary or personal assistant but I can’t afford one so I have to make this as efficient and easy as possible so I can do what I love to do – WRITE….

With any luck these spreadsheets will work nicely and I’ll be able to keep better track of the work I have done and in progress.  Hopefully all of this prep work will help me to market my work better and get more of it published.  I just have to make the technology work for me instead of the other way around…

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