I admit to liking reality tv.  I know it is probably horrible but I enjoy Survivor, the Kardashians, Gene Simmons, Real Housewives, and others.  Warped I know but it is one of my guilty pleasures.  Before watching Gene Simmons, I thought (if I thought about him at all) he was a chauvenistic pig who wasn’t worth the air he breathed.  Having watched his show, I realize what a loving man he is and that more men need to emulate his dedication and care he gives to his family.  Regularly he shows how deeply he cares for his children and long time girlfriend Shannon Twead. 

Last night in my guilty pleasure of tv watching, I watched the first part of the wrap up for Real Housewives of New Jersey.  I have to say I am NEVER going to New Jersey if this is what the people are like.  These women are a poor representation of women.  If we could vote them off the island of womanhood, my vote would go to the four of them. 

The language they use would make a sailor blush.  I don’t care about language – sometimes you just need to say a good cuss word or ten.  It is more than just their language.  Their demeanor is repulsive.  Their behavior is beneath the lowest scum.  If you don’t like one another then leave each other alone.  For those of you who don’t watch (don’t start) there are four women – Caroline, Jacqueline, Theresa, and Danielle.  Danielle has managed with her behavior to alienate all the other women on the show. 

I’m not saying who I like and don’t like on the show but mostly I stopped watching part way through the season because quite frankly they give the entire state of New Jersey a black eye and when it comes to women and feminism they put us back about 100 years.  One of the daughters on the show (19) was told she needs to know her place.  Granted her behavior was out of control but really?  We want to tell a woman she has “a place” in life.  Would that be barefoot and pregnant? 

I’m sorely disappointed that these women are representing anything.  Moreover, I’m disappointed that this is the kind of television that is being put out there.  How is it acceptable that we want to watch a train wreck of these four women.  They are vicious and catty.  If they represent women then it is no wonder men run from women. 

I know – I watched for a while.  I stopped when I saw the direction it was going.  The only reason I watched the wrap up show is to see if there was any resolution among these four women.  There wasn’t.  It was more violence, vulgarity, and out of control behavior.  Just as I’ve stopped watching the Atlanta show – I will not be watching the New Jersey one any longer. 

Are women really that shallow and petty?  I don’t think so.  I just want to tell each of them to grow up and get a clue. 

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  1. Drama, drama, drama…this is what makes reality shows so fun to watch. Last night, my daughter and her boyfriend were watching the Bad Girls Club – which sounds to be just another Real Housewives of New Jersey, "Real Life" style (putting a bunch of bitches in one house and letting the cameras roll…and I had to get up and leave. And they make fun of me for watching "The Hills"? At least on that show they do more than call names, and have cat fights!

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