Beware the rant.

When was the last time anything passed with only 22% of a vote? I don’t know that any law or precedent has been set with only 22% of the people wanting it. Yet, 14 states are passing restrictive anti-abortion laws which make it so women are unable to get an abortion. In most cases, there are no exceptions for rape or incest or even the woman’s health. A small conservative noisy minority wants these laws in place. This means women in those states will go out of state or go to someone unqualified to get rid of unwanted pregnancies.

At the same time, restrictions on birth control are getting tighter and tighter. Women who need it for health issues as well as birth control are having a harder time getting it. Yet studies have shown the more easily available birth control is, the numbers for birth control go down. Just like studies show that if we have sex ed – not the stupid abstinence only crap – that teen pregnancies go down. People are having sex. If you don’t want women to have abortions give them free and easy access to birth control.

On the opposite side of this issue – viagra is federally funded. If you can’t stop a pregnancy because it is “God’s will” then a limp dick is “God’s will”.

In reality what needs to happen is the government needs to stay the hell out of women’s bodies. The government should not get to say when a woman gets pregnant or has sex or anything to do with the medical community. It’s difficult enough for a woman to get a doctor to actually listen to her and treat her with respect. Women shouldn’t have to fight for something that improves their lives.

We need to come out of the dark ages and allow women to make their own choices about their own medical issues – whether that is abortion or birth control or any other damn thing that has to do with our own bodies! Just because the Christian conservatives think we should all be barefoot and pregnant while we dutifully clean house and cook for the hard working male in our life doesn’t mean that is the reality of our society.

Women are not property – should not ever be considered property – and should have all options open to them. We don’t need some all knowing entity trying to tell us when it’s time to have children, sex, or anything. We are quite capable of thinking for ourselves.

Those states who have passed such restrictive laws – the residents should revolt against the idiocy that is their government. The minority of the United States should not be able to dictate to half the population on whether they have sex or children or anything health related especially when those dictates have such an impact on our basic rights.

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