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A.D. Wayne and I met through social media. She’s a lovely person who is an incredible writer. She sheds a unique perspective on horror and darker side of writing and a wonderful artist. I’m impressed with her work.

Author Bio

A.D. Wayne grew up in the artistic and publishing world. She studied visual art as well as creative literature, parapsychology, and astronomy. Despite her introverted personality, Wayne decided to realize one of her secret dreams to create a gothic magazine that would reach out to all who had a passion for what goes bump in the night. That is when Gothic Bite Magazine was born.

 Wayne’s first dream achieved, she then desired nothing more than to publish her series of novels. Torn between two passions she unites with science, Wayne created a Gothic series and Sci-Fi series. She made her place in the author’s world by believing she could do it as long as she followed the words of her favorite villains, “Resistance is futile,” and keep writing.

Tell us about yourself.

Hi! I’m Alexa Wayne, aka the OCD Vampire and creator of Gothic Bite Magazine. I’m obsessed with Vlad III or Vlad the Impaler. I am an introvert, and I do not hide it anymore. I even believe it to be an asset for someone who is like me. I am writing and drawing all day long with my little dog, Carey, by my side. 

I studied graphic and web design a decade ago, along with 2D and 3D Animation. I also took online Sequential Art | Inking & Rendering | Anatomy and Comic Book Art classes with Comics Experience. I then went to Syn Studio and studied Digital Painting | Storytelling & Design | Character Rendering | Comic Book. I own a diploma in WordPress with TechUComp. I have various certifications and qualifications in Proofreading & Editing | Creative Writing | Novel Writing | Successful Self- Publishing | Social Media Marketing | Blogging Business | Virtual Assistance | Ufology | Astronomy | Cryptozoology | Wicca | Hoodoo | Kitchen Witchery, with Centre of Excellence.

I took many art classes to help me in my development as a well-rounded artist. I didn’t wish to rely on anyone to become the writer that I envisioned in my head. I love everything when it comes to creating something. I like doing research, marketing, graphic, and web design. I enjoy the entire process of turning a piece of art, including a novel, into something incredible.

When did you know you wanted to be an author?

I grew up in the artistic world. I went to acting school for thirteen years of my life, and that included classical ballet, along with singing and various types of acting and dancing styles. 

If someone asked me why I love to read and watch the most, it would be Dracula or vampires in general. To me, the comic book is the most accurate form of art when it gets closer to acting. Some would argue, of course, debate it to the contrary, but acting has many faces.

Time passed, I needed something more, and that was to gain writing experience. The Geek Initiative became the first professional blog I worked for, and it was epic. I enjoy the geeky environment and the opportunity they gave me. The founder, Tara M. Clapper, and editor in chief became my first novel editor.

She gave me the backbone I needed to find my way as an artist and author. I am now the proud creator of Gothic Bite Magazine. I write paranormal suspense novels in the horror genre. It took me some time, but now I know that I am proud to be a monster nerd, and a hundred percent living in her twisted mind!

What genres do you like to read? Are these the same genres you write in?

I like to read history books in the subjects I love the most such as The Knight Templars, The Dark Ages, Kings & Queens of the Middle Ages, Pharaohs, Vikings and a lot about Vlad the Impaler! 

I also read a lot in the genre that I write to understand better and learn from authors that made a name for themselves or simply to keep me updated. Those would include Oliver Bowden, Bernard Cornwell, C.C. Humphreys, Charlaine Harris, Jeaniene Frost, and Stephen King, to name my “go-to.”

Is your book for adults, young adults, or children?

My books are for a mature audience, 18+ because of the explicit goriness and some violent graphic scenes. The language is also a factor when dialogs take place between characters. 

I also put warnings if there are mentions of PTSD, chronic anxiety, suicidal thoughts, or even any type of phobias. I keep my characters, despite them being fictional, as real as possible in the environment that they are. So, they do have psychological problems or obstacles to overcome. Again, those are factors that make it more for a mature audience.

What is your current release or project?

My latest novel that came out on January 31st, 2020, is The Gravedigger. It is the second installment in the Lord Impaler series, the sequel to Mrs. Blackwood. Although it is a sequel, it is not necessary to read Mrs. Blackwood to enjoy the novel, as it was an introduction, an extra to the series.

Tell us about the key characters

The main female character, Clémentine Lyon or Dr. Lyon, is a professional vampirologist who studied anthropology and ancient history. She worked for the RunwayLAB, who denied her the recognition she deserved when discovering the legitimate remains of a petrified vampire corpse near the Moosham Castle in Austria.

She is a quite special hereditary witch, gifted with a strong bloodline that allowed her the title of Gravedigger. She is quite aware of the monster world, referred to as “Frankensteins.” Furthermore, her passion for Vlad the Impaler brings her to question quite a few obstacles on her quest to save and protect the Frankensteins and peace between humans and her people, the Nightfall Coven.

Of course, Vlad the Impaler is part of the novel series. His history that we know is quite hard to understand and pinpoint because although he was noble, Wallachia—now Romania, was always under assault. Mixing history and taking liberties between gaps in his life were hard choices. I wanted to create an authentic Vlad. However, it is the first book with him present. Much more remains to be seen concerning him, his life, as a vampire, and when alive.

Other historical characters make their entrance, such as Matthias Corvinus, Elizabeth Báthory, Ragnar Lothbrok, Cennétig mac Lorcáin, and others. Moreover, you have one character named, Naten, who is quite important not only because he is Vlad’s best friend but also because he is a revamp of a classic monster.

All characters have a central role to play. Because it is the second installment but also the actual “first” novel of the series, pawns have their place to be. I like for everyone to have a reason, or at least, I try my best.

What is your blurb or synopsis of the book?

Lord Impaler Series — The Gravedigger 

Clémentine Lyons is determined to prove the existence of monsters, including vampires, to the masses. In her attempts, she found herself face to face with her all-time hero, the Impaler.

Quickly, Clémentine is brought neck-deep in the horror of what it means to be an actual vampire. Monsters are not what they seem to be, and humans are those that should be taken down. By the Impaler’s side and her crew, Clémentine realizes that life is a game of survival.

Share an excerpt

Chapter 1: Bad Blood

“I told you not to drink from strangers!” He growled through his teeth, where a strong impact resonated from the wall when propping his guard against it. “We have givers and VitaL for a reason!” He let go of the body that fell on the wooden floor of the French mansion, and with his smoky voice, he added, “Wipe that blood off your face and put away those fangs, before I smack them off your mouth.”

The vampire used his sleeve to wipe the sanguine liquid dripping from his mouth. He looked up toward the tall and dark lead vampire and said, “It’s strange hearing those words from the one who used to have a forest of impaled bodies…remind me how many were there, twenty, thirty, or was it—”

“A hundred thousand, and don’t make me add you to that list!” He shouted through his smoky voice, adding with a carved frown as he pulled him back up against the wall by the collar of his shirt, “Don’t think for one moment that because you’re part of Matthias’ House, I won’t hesitate to impale you and turn you inside out! You, filthy piece of shit!”

“I was sent by Corvinus to keep an eye on your doings, Vladislav. The Dark Ages Council is doubting your loyalty to our people.” His voice, reminiscent of a snake crawled up Vlad’s skin and so he stared at the bloodsucker with his vampire’s eyes, showing a red dot in his pupils.

“You’re abusing your rank, Ragnar.”

“Corvinus paid me to be your shadow, and so I shall be.”

Vladislav lost patience and threw Ragnar out of the boudoir and closed the double doors. “Piss off!”

As he walked back toward the fireplace, near his friend François, he thought about the many rules to follow as a vampire leader ever since he was turned. His name had him placed on the highest of ranks. His actions had him been feared by many vampires that demanded proof of his maker but found none. It had Vladislav seen as a First. In spite of it all, his reputation and life as a human who died over five centuries ago, Vladislav had to comply with the Dark Ages Council.

Ragnar belonged to Matthias Corvinus’ House, a man who had stabbed him in the back and sold him out to their enemy while he was still human. Vladislav despised the conservative vampires, which were all part of the Dark Ages Council. As he was the leader of the idealists, those who wished to be part of the human world, one female vampire was the opposite and protected the old ways. There were many cherished traditions, and Ragnar was one who enjoyed applying these traditions ever since he had been turned around eight hundred years ago.

Vladislav felt a pat on his back, then the hand moved to his shoulder with a firm grip, “Like it or not my friend, if you don’t control yourself and start acting with that overly high IQ brain of yours, you’ll perish at Matthias’ hand once again.”

“I lost my token, François. If I don’t find it soon, I’ll die no matter what.”

“Any leads on who took it?”

“All of those I suspected came out clean. I need a witch to help me find it and find the rat who sold me out, again.”

All of the conservatives Vladislav suspected stealing his token came out clean once under his mindspell. He thought because the idealists desired nothing more than to live at peace with humans, that those opposed to it and fighting for the old ways would send someone to steal his one object, preventing him from turning into a puddle of muddy blood. Yet, he came out empty-handed. The smell of burning logs from the fireplace brought comfort to Vladislav’s mind, but his problems kept surfacing, and when François showed a grin, he bent over to stare at his computer screen.

“This is Clémentine Lyon. She’s a vampirologist and parapsychologist. She teaches classes at three different universities. She’s also the one who found the body of an ancient vampire petrified not too far from the Moosham Castle in Austria. She made the news, and she traveled around until she was silenced.”


“Yes. They stopped her from sharing the truth and alienated the body as proof.”

Vladislav looked at her black hair going down her neck, hazel green eyes, and fair skin. In her picture, she wore a black tank top with a beaked hoodie and had a subtle smile while standing in front of an iron gate. He couldn’t help but smirk when he heard his friend say, “By doing some more research on her, I found that she has a Ph.D. in history and specialized in legends and folklore. She is also part of the Life at Dusk documentary series on the Dark Channel.”

Do you have a favorite scene?

I do have a favorite scene. Challenging my characters are what I enjoy the most, torturing them, and have them agonize on decisions they must make. As Spock best said, “Logic clearly dictates that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.” Followed by Captain Kirk, “…or the one.”

My favorite scene is when Vlad’s best friend, Naten, must decide if he’s life is worth more than Vlad’s importance to the Nightfall Coven and the survival of humanity. He must take upon himself the role of King again for a while, but a mummy can only survive so long before they need their own “coffin.” That scene is one of the most exhausting ones I wrote because I could feel the weight I put on the shoulders of Naten, Vlad, Mr. Priest, and Clementine.

What advice would you give a beginner?

 I grew up in the art and publishing world. Books surrounded me since I was born. Raised by my grandparents and mother, my grandpa worked for a binding & printing company. He would often come back with boxes of books and encyclopedia worth so much money but didn’t “make the cut” because of small printing errors.

So, my advice would be if you wish to become a graphic/web designer or illustrator, do not be afraid to stand out. I mean, by that, do not fit in any cookie cutters. Look at the latest trends, yes, but also, don’t be afraid to find inspiration in the past. 

Myself, I am more of a European stylist in design than North American simply because I prefer certain aspects of it. Put together your portfolio and a professional website. Don’t be afraid to pay for a professional website if you must. Graphic/web design requires a certification because of the complexity of the rules and printing industry, as well as the online industry. 

When it comes to authors, do not stop writing because people tell you that you cannot make it. It is NOT true. Do not listen to those voices. Keep writing and again, stand out. When everyone goes right for the style of writing or book cover, don’t be afraid to go left. Do not settle for anyone but yourself and how much you believe in your story. 

Another common mistake to avoid, do not do everything yourself. Do not fear your limits and hire a graphic designer or illustrator for your book cover. The phrase “do not judge a book by its cover” is an excellent lesson to learn, but sadly, every one of us bought at least one book just because the cover was amazing. So, investing in editors, graphic designers, and web designers are crucial parts of being an indie author. It is in those details that one can stand out from the sea of indie authors. 

In conclusion, do not let fear and peer pressure dictate what you wish to become or do with your creation. Just keep going, and you won’t regret it.

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