A Dozen Projects

My daughter read on of my stories on Sunday.  I worked on editing the story this week.  She has been nagging me about getting her the next installment with these characters.  She enjoyed the story that much. 

I told her she had to wait as I had eleven projects in the works (different stages of writing, editing, production).  She of course was insistent that I do the next installment, there was even mention of bribing with cookies and from scratch pumpkin pie. 

As I’m editing the first book, all the ideas I had for more in the story keep coming up and a theme of sorts starts to come clear.  It was 11:00 pm when I finished editing the manuscript for the first book.  I was going to go to bed but I couldn’t sleep so I took a few moments and jotted down outline like ideas for the next book. 

I woke up yesterday with the first three scenes in my head just dying to get put on paper.  Yesterday, I put the edits for the first book on the computer and started the second book.  I have 6100 words and about five scenes done.  This morning I woke up with the next series of scenes in my head.  I wrote the first book in ten days (or so).  I’m hoping the second book works up as quickly.  Classes started this week at my job so the work has picked up.  It will be interesting to see how well the writing goes while I’m busy at work. 

Unusual for me, I have a cover in mind for the first book.  I’m going to play with my idea and see if I can get something I like.  I have so many aspects of all projects to work on it is sort of crazy and I feel a bit schizophrenic with jumping between projects.  At the same time when I need a break from a project, I’m able to move to a different one while the one stews in my head. 

It will be fun to see what adventures my characters get up to.  I’ve been enjoying writing about them again.  It’ like sitting with old friends and hearing about their lives – except that I’m the puppet master of their lives. 

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