A New Week

The weekend was super busy with canning, freezing, and so on. We got a lot done in two short days but it left me exhausted. I didn’t write a lot. I got a bit done here and there but not a lot.

Tonight, we ended up having a late dinner. So people hung out with me longer than normal but I still managed to get a couple hours of writing in.

I’m at almost 42K in the book and tonight I wrote a little over 2700 words. I finished two scenes and started a new chapter. I think this chapter will be them being chased from one planet to the next. But I’m not sure because it just depends on what the characters tell me.

I feel like it might be a bunch of short scenes with them being in danger of capture until they get back to T’mbar. I’ll see where the characters take me. But it’s shaping up nicely. I like the two characters.

Hopefully this week is a bit less crazy and I’ll get some good writing time in. I’m not holding my breath but I am hopeful.

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