Lots of Work

I feel like I got stuff done today at my day job. That’s always a good thing. Now tomorrow will be a day full of meetings and training. It will be a lot of busyness but not a lot of accomplishing things. These are the hardest days. I like to tick off the boxes on my to do list.

Tonight, I finished introducing one of my alien races. Janine got propositioned by the leader of a new world. I got quite a bit done tonight – a little over 3K written taking me to about 45K (just under) for the overall story. I want to ramp up the danger…. but the characters aren’t telling it that way.

So I’ll stay true to my characters. I know there is big danger coming. I’ve got a couple of things cooking but I think this lull needs to happen because I think the ending will be fast paced. I also want some extended writing time. The story is right there in reach.

One thing I want to do is go back through and read it all again. I have a spreadsheet so I can keep track of characters and words and so on. But I know I’ve missed some secondary characters. I think they’re going to be important. So I want to make sure I capture them on my spreadsheet for later.

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