A Woman’s Secret


Hannah Bingham is in love with the son of her father’s childhood friend. Within 24 hours of their wedding, she is captured and abused, her husband dead and she is on the run accused of his murder, along with her father’s hired man, William.

Their anguished travels take them from England to France and then Ireland, while harried by Queen Elizabeth’s mercenary pirates. On their journey, a web of spies thwarts them at every turn and secrets are revealed on all sides. In this heart-pounding voyage, Hannah comes to realize that not everyone is who they appear to be and not everyone has her best interests in mind.

Will she ever find the true love she is desperately looking for?


Born 1957 in northern California, C. L. Koch moved to the Ozarks in the early 1970’s. Where she discovered the diversified southern culture.

She inherited her love of reading from her mother. Which led to a great interest in history, religion, and genealogy. By combining her writing skills and her previous work in the field of mental health, she has created complex characters for her first historical fiction book “Women’s Secrets”.

She continues to live in the Ozarks with her husband and two cats. When not writing C. L. Koch enjoys reading, travel, sewing, and pagan studies.


Hannah relaxed, taking a seat on a stool. “Sarah, we are alone. Stop with the formalities, I cannot abide it today. Father has received word from France. Thomas is to return at once. This means we shall be leaving shortly after the wedding feast.”

Kneeling, Sarah nodded her head and tied the slippers into place, glanced up and quickly looked away. “There, they match perfectly. Now we must put your hair up.”

“Sarah, did you hear what I said?”

“Yes, we shall leave this day for France.”

“You have nothing further to say on the matter?”

“My mother has served your family since the day she married my father. She continued to serve after his death. I was ten years old when I began to assist your mother after you were born and have been your maid ever since. I am glad we are departing today. I have no wish to live my entire life here, ending up wed to some man of your father’s choosing. Living a life as my mother has, never knowing what the rest of the world is like. I want more in my life. My mother knows this. She does not agree with me but she accepts what is in my nature to do.”

“I wish for your courage. I have doubts of what our lives hold for us.”

“Milady, please. All will be well for you.”


6 thoughts on “A Woman’s Secret

  1. Could you imagine being accused of someone’s murder and being innocent?

    I think it would make my head spin. I’m looking forward to reading this story.

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