Amelia Oliver – returns!

I’m really pleased to welcome Amelia Oliver back to my blog! Her sexy books have captured my attention and have entertained me thoroughly.

I’ve read three of her books – Never Ever, Four Ever, and Blaze. Click on the title to read my review on Goodreads.

Author Bio

Amelia Oliver lives at the seaside in England with her husband and son, Oliver. When she’s not busy being a mum and wife, she writes. Luckily, her husband supports her 100% and helps her bring life to the characters in her head, who demands she writes their story. If there’s one thing Amelia doesn’t like it’s to choose, and neither does her fictional women. That’s why she’s writing in the reverse harem genre, where her heroines will never have to choose just one guy.

Amelia is no stranger to mental and physical health problems, so she loves writing about women who overcome struggles. Amelia is a self-proclaimed potty mouth with a naughty sense of humour. Seriously, who said “he/she said” jokes aren’t funny???

Since your last visit, give us an update on you and what you’ve been up to.

Thank you for having me back Eileen! It’s a pleasure as always. You rock

My new book, Blaze, is a PNR & dystopian mashup. 

Describe your main characters

Kayla, she’s a broken soul with an awful past. But she’s strong and independent. 

Baby, well… you’ll have to read it to find out. 

Please share your blurb

“To rid this world of evil, first I must Blaze.” 

London is a wasteland, the Panda Virus still spreads.

Half starved and more than a little savage, Baby and I fight tooth and claw to survive. I’ve got a secret that I must never let anyone see. If I do, they’ll kill me. Or worse. So I’ve hidden myself away, avoiding contact with others. 

Three men claim I’m promised to them, but my dark past made me cold, broken. Can I let them love me? Could I love them?

If we can survive that is. 

When my secret is discovered, I learn who and what I am. But so do others and now we must fight against evil and save the beings that inhabit this world. 

Can my men and I survive long enough to save this world from those who threaten to destroy it? Or will we die trying? 

My name is Kayla, and this is a story of how war never changes. But humankind does. Standalone reverse harem, dystopian, paranormal romance.

Continuation – Hybrid Coming 2020! 

Please share an excerpt

Memories assault me, lying helpless under a pile of rubble in a dark room. My blood cooling against the dirty wooden floor beneath me. Wishing with every ounce of my soul I wasn’t a broken bitch, and I could just allow myself to love. And be loved. My mother’s face looking concerned as I refused to get to know any of the boys who visited Kaleido‐scope farm. Hands grab my body in all directions and teeth sink into my flesh as four distinct male voices scream my name.

“Argh fuuuuck.” The words burst from my lips as fire erupts from my body, pouring out like water from a broken skin. The hands around my throat melt away, the skin drip‐ping down the front of my body as my clothes fall. Pain unlike anything I’ve ever felt leaches energy from me. I sink to the ground, my legs no longer able to hold me up. GuessI’m not a muggle after all. Darkness covers my vision as the ground races up to meet my face. I am so sick of passing out!

“Kayla. Oh my God. Shit! She’s bleeding out,” Charlie cries out. Warmth touches my cheek as the cold seeps into mybones.

“Heal her already, Charlie!” Crowley yells, the sound of skin hitting skin penetrates the darkness. Someone just got slapped. “Heal her!” Soft plump lips gently press against mine.

I wait for the rush to start, he’s healed me before so now I know what to expect, I brace myself. Only, nothing happens. He pulls away, taking his heat and sweet scent with him. No!

“It’s not working…” Poor Charlie sounds so confused. As I drift away a sob makes me pull back. Charlie! No. Please don’t cry for me. Did we save Chris?

“Try. Again,” Crowley growls, he sounds so pissed, I’d hate to be Charlie right now. It’s not Charlie’s fault, you grumpy sod!

Charlie’s lips once again meet mine, this time they’re wet with salty tears. The darkness closes in again. I hear Charlie scream my name and Connor’s crying big sobs. Crowley curses everything under the Godforsaken sun and I take my last breath. The ground beneath me is shaking. Or is that me? Opening my eyes, I’m surrounded by pure white light. Whoa, where am I?

“Kayla, my daughter.”

My entire body freezes, snakes slither inside my stomach.

“Mother?” Turning without even moving, I come face to face with my dead mother.

I LOVE this scene. It’s one of my favorites…. Please tell us about any other accomplishments.

I have a Christmas short story coming out soon, and a short BBW story coming out in January. I’m also working on a continuation of Blaze, called Hybrid. 

Are you attending any events (online or in person)

No, not yet.

What’s next for you?

I’m working on Hybrid, I also have several more books planned for next year. The third and final instalment of The Everly Davis Chronicles, one with vampires, one with werewolves and many more!

With more experience, what advice would you give a new author?

Amelia – There’s no such thing as CAN’T, or too much sex. 

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