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Angel Nyx is a repeat for me. We got to know her last September when she was promoting her book and giving the procedures to charity! She’s back and this time we get to learn more about her.

Author Bio (as a reminder)

Angel Nyx is an author of steamy paranormal, contemporary, and historical romance, romantic suspense, and urban fantasy. Her passion for literature was instilled in her at a young age when her mother read her fairy tale stories at bedtime. Her vivid imagination helps her get in tune with her characters to bring them to life for her readers. She is also a mom, a furmomma, a Nana, a reader, an avid gamer chick, and unabashedly retro.

She was once told that her ‘OCD is queen’ because it allows her to find errors in written word others miss. That comment led to her creating Horus Proofreading, where she goes beyond basic proofreading to help make her clients books shine.

She has also recently ventured into the realm of audiobook narration, on the suggestion of several other Indie authors,

When she’s not working, writing, reading, or gaming, she is usually relaxing to music, spending time with her furbabies, or finding new authors to fall in love with.

She has a long time love affair with the city of New Orleans, which is why so much of her work is set there, and plans to visit the city as often as possible in the coming years.

I’m really pleased to welcome Angel Nyx back to my blog! 

I’m so happy to be back!

Since your last visit, give us an update on you and what you’ve been up to.

Life has been crazy since the last time I was here! I FINALLY finished the book I’d actually started back in February, and had planned to have out by May. My muse had other plans LOL I’ve also decided to add a second pen name because I have some darker/kinkier books I’d like to write that just don’t fit in with the branding for Angel Nyx, so Jeze Xyn was born! The name is pronounced Jezzie Sin, and I’m aiming for a late February/Early March debut for her!

Tell us about your new publication

My newest release, Luminescent Lotus, is the fifth book in my NOLA Shifters Series. All of the books in the series are stand alones with guaranteed HEA’s, but they’re interconnected so characters from previous books make appearances in it! It released on December 10th, and is my 8th published book.

Is your new book / project in the same genre

My main genre is Paranormal Romance. The last time I was here, I talked about my first foray into contemporary romance, but PNR is and always will be my first love and greatest passion in writing!

Describe your main characters

My heroine, Roxie Holcomb, is an interesting character, in my opinion. She is the product of a human/shifter pairing. In my world, such pairings can have one of three results. The child is either full shifter, full human, or human with some shifter capabilities. The latter are called shiftless shifters, because they have many of the qualities of their shifter kin—enhanced senses, faster, stronger, better healing—but they don’t have an inner anumal so they can’t shift.

That is Roxie’s fate. Her father is a wolf shifter, her mother is a human, and Roxie doesn’t have an inner wolf. Her entire life she wanted to be a singer, and then, just as she was starting to make a name for herself, a terrible accident happens that leaves her scarred both mentally and physically. She walks away from her dream, but she still has spunk and fire to her.

The hero, Steele, is a wolf shifter. He was a sniper in a Special Ops group that consisted of other shifters, and after going to New Orleans in the first book to help former Spec Ops team mate, Declan, he decided to remain in New Orleans and become part of the Ghostpoint Pack. He’s the resident playboy and jokester, but what most don’t realize is he cracks jokes to hide the darkness he feels inside from the things he’d seen and done while working for the government.

Please share your blurb

Roxie Holcolmb

For as far back as she can remember, Roxie has wanted to be a singer. Just as her dream is beginning to take off, tragedy strikes. She puts her music away, intending to never pick it up again, when a chance meeting in New Orleans changes her entire outlook.

Steele Reinhardt

When you spend a large chunk of your adulthood taking out the dregs of society, it leaves a stain on your soul. Steele hides his darkness behind jokes and doubts he will ever find a woman who can accept the man behind the mask. Then his path crosses hers. Will she be the one to pull his soul out of darkness?

Please share an excerpt


Golden eyes moved over the crowd waiting to enter the club and he caught a flash of pink and purple just as the doors closed behind two women. The scent lingered for a moment before it faded and a growl trickled from his lips. His mate was in New Orleans. She was inside Emelise’s club. What better place to meet her than inside a club owned by a fellow shifter?

There were perks to having an alliance between the Ghostpoint Pack and the Black Water Pard. At the door, Steele simply gave his name and slipped inside. No waiting in line for him. It took only seconds for his eyes to adjust to the lighting and then, using his heightened sense of smell, he followed the scent of his mate to the bar in time to hear her sultry voice speak.

“I’ll have a Quick Fuck.”

“I can take care of that for you, sweetheart, but I don’t know how quick it’ll be,” he growled from right behind her. He wasn’t quite expecting the reaction he got.


The scent of musk hit her nostrils and Roxie froze. The way her body responded to the smell confused her. She’d never had such an illogical reaction to a smell before. The words, growled next to her ear, sent a shiver down her spine and caused dampness to pool between her thighs. It also caused her anger to flare. “Excuse me? Who in the fuck do you think you are? Do you really think it’s even remotely acceptable to walk up behind a woman while she’s asking for a drink and say something like that to her? Are you really that much of a fuckwad?” She spun around and glared at him. Brown eyes locked with gray blue ones in a battle of wills.

“Whoa. Damn girl, no need to bite my head off. That sounded way better in my head. Okay, yeah, that wasn’t much better. It was a total dick-ish thing to say. Let me make up for being such an asshole by paying for your drink. It’s an interesting choice. Don’t think I’ve ever heard of it before. I’m Steele, by the way.”

Roxie just stared at him. Had he lost his fucking mind? “After what you just said, what makes you think I’d let you buy me a drink or that I give a damn what your name is?”

“Excuse my friend. She’s had a bad day.”

Roxie glared at her best friend. “Alli.”

“What? You have and you know it, Roxie. Let the man buy you a drink and make up for being a dick. I’m Alli, this is Roxie.”

When Allison’s hand touched the back of Steele’s, Roxie wanted to rip it off. What. The. Fuck? Giving her head a quick shake she pushed the feeling down. “Fine. I’ll let him buy my drink. I need a strong drink that tastes great. A Quick Fuck has three of my favorites; Bailey’s, Kahlua, and Midori.” They moved to an empty table and sat.

“You lovely ladies picked the perfect club to forget about the worries of the day in. Scarlet Flux is one of the hottest clubs in New Orleans. I’m not saying that because I know the owner, who, I might add, is a kick ass lady herself. The club has some of the best acts in the city.”

“Watch out for this one, dahlings. He’s a bit of a player.”

Roxie blinked at the drag queen who was suddenly standing in front of their table.

“He’s a good sort, but still a player.”

“Thanks, Venus. You’re ruining all my fun.”

There was a note of real anger in his voice that puzzled Roxie. “What are you so pissed about? It’s not like I hadn’t already figured that much out. You’re barking up the wrong tree here. You might as well move along because this,” and she motioned between them, “is never going to happen. Even if I was interested, I don’t do casual sex and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that’s all you do. So buh-bye now.” She downed her drink, set her glass on the table, and got up. “Come on, Alli. Let’s get out of here.” On the way to the door, Roxie glanced over her shoulder to find Steele’s blue gray eyes watching her leave. The look of longing, and sorrow, in them almost broke her resolve. Almost. She forced herself to turn back around and left, expecting to never see him again.

Please tell us about any other accomplishments

I have eight books out now; five in the NOLA Shifters series (Wild Lilies, Scarlet Roses, Midnight Orchids, Radiant Violets, and Luminescent Lotus), the first book in my Club Equinox series (Whispers of Hope), the first book in my Marchetti Family series (Black Tears), and the first book in my Hellfire series (The Devil’s Heir). I wrote a short story for the Shades of Pink anthology again this year, which was only available in October, and will be fleshing it out soon for release early in 2020.

Are you attending any events?  (Online or in person)

I am attending the Tucson Book Festival in March and Reader’s Envy Phoenix Book Bash in June, both as an author, and hope to get to a few as a reader this year! I’d hoped to go to the Court of Sin signing in Louisiana but sadly, I won’t be able to make it.

What’s next for you?

I have a few things planned! In my reader group we’ve been doing group driven stories that are being turned into freebie e-books, the first is out on e-book now!. I am already hard at work on the second book in my Hellfire Series as well as working on the first book for my alter ego, Jeze. I also have a novella to clean up for the NOLA series, a short story to flesh out, AND I’ve started a completely new PNR series set in the England/Scotland/Ireland area that will include many creatures of lore including dragon shifters, phoenixes, griffins, selkies, kelpies, banshees, sirens, even druids! It’s all a part of a world I’m creating called the Shifting Myths World. I have a dragon shifter series that has 12 dragon clans, and it’s my hope that others will want to come play in my sandbox in the near future!

I also have a short story for a Valentine’s Day anthology that will be connected to my Shifting Myths World and will have phoenixes ans griffins in it.

With more experiences, what advice would you give a new author?

Don’t give up on your passion. Sometimes things get rough, and you have to take a step back to re-energize yourself, but if it’s truly your passion, keep going. Also, never compare yourself, and your journey, with that of another author because you have no idea what is going on behind the scenes that helped them to get to where they are. Your journey is your own, and when you get those die-hard fans, because you WILL get them, remember they are there, they love your stories, and your words brighten their lives every time they read one of your books!

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