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Angel Nyx and I met through social media. She’s doing a beautiful thing – she’s put her book on sale for 99 cents and will be donating the proceeds for September and October to Breast Cancer Research Foundation!

Author Bio

Angel Nyx writes in multiple genres, including Paranormal, Contemporary, and Historical Romance, Romantic suspense, and Urban Fantasy. Her passion for literature was instilled in her at a young age when her mother read her fairy tale stories at bedtime. Her vivid imagination helps her get in tune with her characters to bring them to life for her readers.

She was once told that her ‘OCD is queen’ because it allows her to find errors in written word others miss. As a result, she has recently branched out to offer her proofreading services to other Indie authors.

When she’s not working or writing,  she’s usually reading, gaming, listening to music, or finding new authors to fall in love with.

 Tell us about yourself.

I’m a mom, a Nana, and a furmomma, but don’t ask me which I like more because I’ll plead the fifth! I like to call myself an OG Gamerchick because I’ve been gaming since my daddy brought an Atari home way back in 1977. I know, I know, I’m dating myself! Let’s see, I’m very outspoken about the things that matter most to me, sometimes to the point that I have been called blunt and abrasive, I tend to wear my heart on my sleeve, and I am unabashedly retro. I’m a huge fan of Star Wars and Harry Potter and a lover of all things LOTR. Part of my pen name comes from the tattoo I have on my left shoulder. It says ‘Angel’ in Tengwar cursive, which is the script used on the One Ring in LOTR. A lot of people, when they find out, are surprised to learn that I suffer from marked hearing loss. I lost the hearing in my left ear at the age of three and over the years the hearing in the right has gotten damaged due to having to try to compensate.

When did you know you wanted to be an author?

I’ve loved to write since I was a teenager. Back then I wrote poetry, and right before I started becoming a mom I wrote a book that was almost finished, but life happened and I lost everything I’d written. It took close to 30 years to finally pursue this dream, but I’m glad I finally did it.

What genres do you like to read?  Are these the same genres you write in?

I read a variety of genres. Paranormal romance, urban Fantasy, Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense, Crime Thrillers, Murder mysteries, even Horror. It all depends on my mood. The only genres I don’t write in are crime thrillers, murder mysteries, and horror.

Is your book for adults, young adults or children?

Adults. Definitely adults!

What is your current release or project?

Well, it’s not a current release, per se, as it came out in February, but it’s a special project for me. I wrote Whispers of Hope as an homage to the women and men—past, present, and future—who face breast cancer and all that comes with it. With October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I decided to put it on sale for 0.99 for September and october and donate proceeds to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Tell us about the key characters

Emma Kaine, the heroine, is 26 when she learns she has breast cancer. Her grandmother died from breast cancer and her aunt had to have a double mastectomy. Needless to say, Emma is freaked. In her professional life, she has to be in control at all times, but in her personal life she prefers to give up control. As a result, she is a member of Club Equinox, a kink club. There is one Dom she has always been attracted to but, because she’s curvy and she’s only ever seen him with petite blondes, she thinks she doesn’t stand a chance with him. She couldn’t be more wrong.

Griffin Frost, the hero, is the Dom Emma is attracted to, He tends to be a heavy-handed player so he doesn’t play with a sub who has little to no experience. This is the only reason he’s never approached Emma. it’s not until the perfect opportunity presents itself that he does so, and when he finds out about her diagnosis, he vows to be at her side through it all.

What is your blurb or synopsis of the book?

Club Equinox – Where your darkest desires are met!

Emma Kaine

Strong, independent and successful in her professional life, in her personal life, Emma prefers to submit. When she’s diagnosed with breast cancer, the same disease that took her grandmother at a young age, her  world crumbles. Through her submission, she learns to lean on those around her and realizes that maybe she really can have it all.

Griffin Frost

A long-time member, and Dominant, at Club Equinox, Griffin knows exactly what he wants. What he wants is Emma. When her world is turned upside down and she needs someone the most, he won’t let anyone else be the one to hold her. When cancer threatens to take her from him, will their love be enough to see them through?

Share an excerpt.

The fear in Emma’s voice, the terror in her eyes, had me reaching for her. I pulled her close and just held her. “You’re not going to die, Emma. And you’re not going to have to face this alone.” I could feel her shaking as my arms enfolded her and it brought my protective nature to the forefront. I just wanted to take care of her and make her feel safe.

“I know. I’ll have Kate, but…”

“I’m not talking about Kate. I’m talking about me. I’ll be right there, holding your hand, every step of the way.”

“I can’t ask you to do that, Griffin.”

“You’re not asking me to. I’m offering. I’m not letting you face this battle alone.” My hand lifted to caress her cheek. “We’ll get through it together.” There was no way in hell I was letting her face this battle by herself.

“I’m still not sure I understand this. You’ve never – not a single time – shown any interest in me before.”

“That’s where you’re wrong. You’ve just never noticed it before, Emma. I’ve watched you from day one.”

“I’ve been coming here for five years. Why now? If you’ve watched me for so long, why did it take you five years to make your move?”

“I’ve been in the scene for almost two decades, Beautiful. I learned, over the years, that I can often be too intense for those who don’t have any experience playing with others. I made the decision to not play with inexperienced submissives. To not get involved with a woman who has little to no experience.” There was a reason behind that but tonight wasn’t the time to get into it.

“What changed?”

“You’ve gotten some experience. I watched the scenes you and Seth have done. I know you can handle my intensity.”

“I can handle anything you can dish out.”

The cheeky grin she gave me made me chuckle. “That’s my girl.”

“Your girl? I think I kinda like that idea.”

“If you want to be. There is a lot for us to discuss. What do you say we get you dressed and get out of here? We can go somewhere neutral and talk things over.”

“That sounds like a great idea.”

There was a sincerity in her voice that told me she was being genuine. It was so damn refreshing.

Do you have a favorite scene?

I think my favorite scene in the book is one that takes place after the heroine, Emma, has had a double mastectomy. When she looks at herself, she doesn’t see a beautiful woman anymore. She’s dealing with so many emotions from the surgery, along with recovering from chemo and radiation, and the hero, Griffin, decides that he needs to show her she is still beautiful to him. He does it by loving her, by touching her with reverence. it’s such a moving scene.

What advice would you give a beginner?

First, don’t be afraid to ask questions. There are no dumb questions, because we have all been there at some point. Second, find your tribe. For some of us, that can take awhile, but you need to find those peoplefellow authors as well as fans—who will have your back. Third, learn everything you can. This goes back to asking questions, but there is more to it than that. If you’re writing about a specific area/culture, research. If you’re using a language you don’t speak yourself, DO NOT use google to translate it. Find someone in the writing community who knows the language. Otherwise, you risk having incorrect translations and angry readers.

 Don’t be afraid to step outside the box when deciding to write about a particular trope. When I decided to write my shifter series, I knew I wanted to focus on them as people first, shifters second. This isn’t the norm among shifter books. They tend to be more animalistic. It was the same with my Mafia series. My mobsters aren’t cold, unfeeling monsters. They’re vicious toward their enemies, but with their families and the women they love they’re loyal and passionate. I also did this with my demons in my Hellfire series.

Also, you don’t have to ‘write what you know’, but write what you love. If your passion is in reverse harem, write it. Do you love MM or menage? Write it! Don’t be afraid to let your passions guide you!

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