Another Chapter

Monday at the day job was involved. Answering questions, getting tasks done, and just getting back into the swing of work.

The day went quick enough. All day I kept having flashes of things I wanted to write about in the novel I’m working on. I have so many good ideas. I cannot wait to get them all down.

Now I write off the cuff. I don’t plan out my plots. I let the characters reveal their stories to me. But occasionally, I’ll know what the next few steps are and I’ll jot them down. I did that tonight because as of right now, I see four more chapters. One of the chapters, I’m not sure whether it goes next or if it’s part of the ending… I think it might be the ending.

Tonight I was distracted by so many things. I finally put my phone on do not disturb because of so many notifications. Once I did that, I got down to work and wrote almost 3700 words! It puts me at about 42,300 words.

With four more chapters and if I keep to right around 3500, I’ll have a book about 56K when I’m done. This would be perfect for novel length.

Now I have editing to do but I also have an extra day off this week. I hope to finish the story this week.

If I can, I’ll switch to editing the short story due by Sept 2 and my client work. I need to go back to doing a couple hours of client work. If I were at the beginning of the novel, I’d probably do that but as is I’m writing a chapter a night. I want the flow to keep going so I’ll finish this story and then focus on the editing.

Really if I had a full day to write, I’d probably finish it in a day. I know what each scene will involve in a big picture way. I know who the bad guy is…. I also know how it will play out. I need to figure out details but I can’t wait to see how it plays out.

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