One Down, Three to Go

It’s been a bad day for me. I woke up at 3:30 this morning with my joints all screaming. Moving was a matter of balancing the pain in my body. I got cold. It’s not like it’s zero degrees but my blanket was tangled around me rather than covering me.

I attempted to go back to sleep. That didn’t work until like 6:00 and of course I had to get up for work. My day job is busy busy busy right now. Also we’ve had a lot of turn over in people so it means we’re juggling other people’s work as well as our own. I’m sure this will ease soon but for right now, it’s not great at my day job.

To make matters worse, late afternoon I got too hot and a migraine started. My ears are still ringing. I’m hoping this is lack of sleep. But mostly a craptastic day.

Tonight though, I wrote. I had four chapters to write. Well 4,000 words later, I’m down to only 3 chapters to write.

I have tomorrow off and I hope I’ll be able to knock out more chapters but we’ll see. I have appointments to go to in the afternoon.

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