April Snowstorms?!

Oh Wisconsin I love your variability when it comes to weather.  It’s April and we are supposed to be having April showers so we can have May flowers.  Instead we are having April snow and who knows what May will bring.

In the last week, there are places in Wisconsin that got over 3′ of snow – yes that is feet.  Two storms of wet heavy, sloppy snow perfect for any January day but we got them in April. 

Where I am we didn’t get that much – maybe 6-7″ total.  However, driving was still difficult and people were complaining – a lot.

Weather is weather and all we can do is – weather it.  (Pun sort of intended).  The nice thing about an April winter storm – we’re all used to driving in the weather.  On my way home last night I expected heavy traffic and slip offs and slides and more problems.  Instead I got nearly empty roads and no one in the ditch.  There was a three car accident in an intersection but everyone was being cautious and courteous while the fire fighters and police were handling it. 

This morning, snow on the ground but by afternoon we are supposed to be in the mid-40s, so we are likely to lose the snow and have mud and maybe a bit of green. 

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