Spring Rain

April was too cold and now May is too wet.  Water stands in the fields and the farmers I'm sure are getting impatient.  For me, I'm aching with each weather system which travels through.  My fingers are swollen and sore.  My legs hurt and it's hard to walk. Now that I've whined, it's also May!  This … Continue reading Spring Rain

April Snowstorms?!

Oh Wisconsin I love your variability when it comes to weather.  It's April and we are supposed to be having April showers so we can have May flowers.  Instead we are having April snow and who knows what May will bring.In the last week, there are places in Wisconsin that got over 3' of snow … Continue reading April Snowstorms?!


Spring is back - sort of.  Yes we've had snow and warm weather.  It's a confusing time of year weatherwise. This time of year always makes me want to be in the fields.  While I'm driving back and forth to work, I'm always looking at the fields but in the summer, I feel like there is … Continue reading Spring?

Let it Snow?

It's piling up!  The trees are covered with white, the ground is buried beneath a blanket of white.  It is definitely WINTER. Driving from Iowa to Wisconsin in the snow wasn't horrible but we were on the leading edge of the storm so more whispy than heavy snow.  Looking out at the weather it is … Continue reading Let it Snow?

First Snow

It's December.  We got our first snow yesterday with about 3-6" falling.  It was beautiful - white against the dark green of the pines and a variety of colors of the houses. This was my feeling before I had to go out in it.  It's late for the first snow.  Normally we get a little … Continue reading First Snow

No Shortage of Tasks

The last two weeks have been rough for me with pain.  The weather is causing my arthritis to grumble (or scream).  Yet I don't have time to wallow (well maybe a little). May 2 I started a new novel.  I couldn't get the words on the page fast enough.  By May 11, I'd finished the … Continue reading No Shortage of Tasks


Snow and rain are supposed to be creeping into our area.  The weather system is wreaking havoc on my joints and arthritis making my day pain filled.  I'm curling up under warm blankets and going to see whether my fingers will work. It's like a weight - a large and heavy weight on my body … Continue reading Cocoon

Welcome Spring!!

Spring has sprung and look we're covered in snow again.  I'm laughing because this is Wisconsin and I know there are people who are cursing the weather today.  I say - it's March and it's Wisconsin, what do you expect.  It seems ironic that the spring equinox was last week and now we have about … Continue reading Welcome Spring!!

What a Week

Pain on Thursday kept me home.  The weather turned cooler which is probably why my pain level went up.  This meant I stayed at work later on Friday to make up some of the hours. It's been a good week for writing.  I finished the second Wayfarer manuscript and did edits on two other stories. … Continue reading What a Week

Perfect Weather

Yesterday and today - no air conditioning on.  This is highly unusual for me as I can't handle the heat and humidity.  It has been pleasant to have the fresh air and cooler temperatures.  The weather is almost idyllicI finally finished the Harry Potter Deathly Hallows in the car.  Now I have to figure out … Continue reading Perfect Weather