Kidney Stones

For the last few days I’ve been unable to talk – lovely laryngitis.  During a busy time at my day job, this is not conducive to getting work done.  Yesterday I had a hard time eating which for me is an indicator the laryngitis is going away. 

After supper last night (which was soup), I got this pain in my back and side.  I’ve had three kids and gallstones.  This was bad pain, bend over double, take my breath away painful.  Vicki and Ken were already in bed so I took myself to the ER.

After giving blood and urine, they gave me delaudid – one of the two pain meds I know I’m not allergic to.  It was mostly ineffective.  Eventually – after they paired it with a muscle relaxant – the pain eased enough.

Now they gave me the delaudid, which I’ve had before and have driven with no problems.  However, they told me I’d need a driver to go home.  My problem?  No one at my house answered their phones.  I tried, my two daughters in Georgia tried but Ken doesn’t keep his phone by him and Vicki often turns her sound off. 

Finally after many attempts to reach them, I called my sister and asked if she would be willing to drive to my house and wake someone up.  She did – thankfully.  She also took Ken to the ER so he could drive me home (I had my car). 

We got home about midnight.  I was still in pain but I put the heating pad on my back and tried to sleep.  I was up and down a few times but somewhere around two, I passed a 4 mm kidney stone.  I slept from 2 to 5:15 and then went back to sleep around 6:30 and dozed till 7:30. 

If you are given a choice – don’t pick kidney stones.  Gem stones are pretty and sparkly choose them instead. 

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