April Snowstorms?!

Oh Wisconsin I love your variability when it comes to weather.  It's April and we are supposed to be having April showers so we can have May flowers.  Instead we are having April snow and who knows what May will bring.In the last week, there are places in Wisconsin that got over 3' of snow … Continue reading April Snowstorms?!

Let it Snow?

It's piling up!  The trees are covered with white, the ground is buried beneath a blanket of white.  It is definitely WINTER. Driving from Iowa to Wisconsin in the snow wasn't horrible but we were on the leading edge of the storm so more whispy than heavy snow.  Looking out at the weather it is … Continue reading Let it Snow?

First Snow

It's December.  We got our first snow yesterday with about 3-6" falling.  It was beautiful - white against the dark green of the pines and a variety of colors of the houses. This was my feeling before I had to go out in it.  It's late for the first snow.  Normally we get a little … Continue reading First Snow

Welcome Spring!!

Spring has sprung and look we're covered in snow again.  I'm laughing because this is Wisconsin and I know there are people who are cursing the weather today.  I say - it's March and it's Wisconsin, what do you expect.  It seems ironic that the spring equinox was last week and now we have about … Continue reading Welcome Spring!!

Winter has definitely arrived

This morning we woke up to white lawns instead of green.  It has been cold all week and we've had flurries but nothing stuck.  Last night we got enough and it was cold enough that it stuck. I'm working at my desk today and looking out at huge snow flakes and chunks of snow falling … Continue reading Winter has definitely arrived

Yule or Winter Solstice

The year is waning, winding down to the calendar end of year.  More than that though it is a time when we have harvested all of our items – whether from the garden or from our lives.  Now we are facing the darkness of winter – allegedly this is a slower time.  However, in our … Continue reading Yule or Winter Solstice


My wish for the semester was that I wouldn’t have to struggle through a lot of cruddy weather when I went out for classes.  So far this semester it has been cool to cold and I’ve had a rainy day or two.  Today it is snowing.  We are supposed to get up to five inches … Continue reading Endings

Winter with a Vengence

Wouldn't you know that we had mild winter weather which I was enjoying even if other people weren't and then the new semester starts and we are slammed.  We've had rain, snow, and frigid weather.  The temps without windchill have been in the single digits mostly but the windchill has been well below zero.  The … Continue reading Winter with a Vengence

Early Case of Spring Fever

The snow has piled up.  The drift between my house and the neighbors to the north is at least 4 – 5 feet tall.  I’m not talking about a drift plowed there by the snow plows.  No I’m talking about snow that was either fallen or blown there (by wind or snow blowers).  That is … Continue reading Early Case of Spring Fever

Winter weather – it is February

It snowed last night.  It is snowing today.  We are supposed to get about 18 inches of snow overnight.  I understand this is a lot of snow and that it will be compounded by the high winds we are also supposed to be getting.  I don’t understand why the news has to make such a … Continue reading Winter weather – it is February