Asking for Money?

If you are calling me to ask for money, you should at the very least have all your information together.  I got a call from a university to make a donation.  I told the person three times I had no funds for donating.  She said they weren’t asking for a donation but a gift.  If it is a gift, I’ll be happy to crochet a few things for you to do what you want with.  Those are the types of gifts I give. 
In addition to not having her information correct, she was very unprofessional.  She said um more than she said anything else.  She asked me three or four times if I was still there.  Yet the conversation was such that she didn’t require a response from me. 
It is early in the semester and I’m trying to be patient with this person, hoping it is her first night of work.  (It was as I called to chat with the people in charge.) At the same time, I’m feeling like she is taking no interest in what I’m saying to her. 
Tips for those who call me to ask for money.  Take an interest, don’t say um more than anything else, and when I say no be aware that I mean it.  

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